Take a Japanese food trip at Rustan’s Supermarket

The wonders of Japan include its amazing food. Its capital Tokyo being named constantly as the world’s best food city is just proof of this.  It could be the Japanese’s meticulousness or their cuisine’s distinct flavors that make their food so delicious. But one thing’s for sure—you won’t want to miss out on these tasty goodies from Rustan’s Supermarket’s Japanese Food Fair happening now until May 7.

Pick up a box or five of your favorite Glico Pocky flavored pretzel sticks. The yummy treats are so easy to bring to school or work and are perfect for sharing. Grab the classic flavors in Strawberry, Chocolate, Almond Crunch, and Cookies and Cream; or try the distinctly Japanese Green tea flavor and the curious Choco Banana flavor.

For a savory snack or quick, light meal, there’s the trusty instant noodles that we all love. Choose from the selection of Nissin Special Noodles, or opt for something new and try the seafood flavor from Daikoku Kaisen Sio Noodles.

Kaisen Sio Noodles

If you want to whip up some Japanese dishes of your own or just inject that Japanese flavor into your meals, these Kewpie condiments are your best bet. Get yourself the classic Kewpie Mayonnaise Japanese Style that everyone has come to love. For salad dressings and dips, choose from the Ceasar, Kewpie Roasted Sesame, and Sesame Soy Sauce Kewpie Dressings.

kewpie (1)

Who would have thought that you could taste the delicious flavors of Japan at a local grocery? For more premium quality products sourced from all over the world, visit Rustan’s Supermarket.


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