Swish: Secret Weapon to Being Confident

Life is hard. Small things and big things need to be decided on a daily basis. Sometimes, you think you’re doing well and being on point but in reality, you’re spiraling towards disaster. Fret not for we have a few tips to ensure that in dealing with the small things, you’re always on point.

Behind every confident person are years of bad fashion choices, beauty risks gone wrong, and looking less than the stellar beings who naturally slay. How do you get from where you are now to looking and feeling fantastic? Swish gets that you need help in pumping up your look and confidence, so we got a hold of image consultant and beauty strategist Jasmine Mendiola to know how looking like you win at life will eventually lead to it happening IRL.

The Look: “no make up” makeup with a hint of pink

Why It’s a Win For You: Think of makeup as a way to enhance your already fantastic features, and as a way to respect yourself and others by putting your best face forward, literally. This look is the easiest one, and it usually takes just five minutes out of your day to put it on. Jasmine says that wearing even just a hint of pink is really attractive on both sexes. “Pink draws attention to yourself, and shows that you’re very friendly. Stick to pink, peachy pink, or a bit of nude lipstick.”

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The Look: fresh and clean

Why It’s a Win For You: Proper hygiene is essential, because without that morning shower or those few minutes it takes to brush your teeth, everything else you do, like put on clothes or makeup, will be wasted. When you’re feeling fresh and clean, it’s the perfect blank canvas for your transformation into someone who wins at life. For a midday boost of freshness and confidence you can even spritz on Swish’s breath spray to revive that fresh and clean feeling. Besides, you never know whom you’ll want to impress throughout the day.

The Look: straighten up and smile

Why It’s a Win For You: A straight back and making eye contact show that you’re confident and strong, traits that make you a surefire winner. Jasmine says, “Pulling up your posture will make you feel confident. Looking at the person straight in the eye helps, but if that’s difficult for you, there’s a safe triangle between the eyes and the nose that you can focus on, or look between the eyebrows. Lean forward so that you look like you’re into the conversation, but be mindful of personal space.” To gain enough confidence to lean in for a convo, make sure you spritz on a fresh scent and ensure that your breath is ready for that close conversation.

The Look: balanced and in harmony

Why It’s a Win For You: Jasmine says, “More than looking like something that you think looks like a winner, it’s about finding what clothes are more proportionate to your body type, finding the right products to suit your skin type, so that you don’t look too overdone or undone. Beauty is all about balance and symmetry, and when you put all of that together, it looks harmonious.”

The Look: dress the part   

Why It’s a Win For You: Looking like how you would if you were living your dream life right now is a step towards making it come true. Jasmine states, “For you to be able to communicate what you want to the world, you have to look the part. If you say you’re a designer, then look like the designer that you want to be. If you say that you want to be a manager, look like a manager—don’t come in tattered jeans or screaming printed tops. Go for a respectable and credible look.”

The Look: the ultimate “impostor”

Why It’s a Win For You: You’re learning how to become a winner from the best—as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Jasmine agrees that choosing someone you can relate to is a great way to find ideas on how to level up your look. She says, “Find out why that person is relatable to you. Is it because you have the same body type, or the same face shape? Is it because you work in the same industry? Pick something she wears or does that you think you’ll be comfortable to do also.” Then, channel that look, injecting your own signature flair, of course.

Of course you must not forget to spritz some Swish Breath Spray because this is going to give you that much needed confidence in speaking to someone at a moment’s notice. Sometimes we find ourselves needing fresh breath after having lunch or dinner but not avail to rush to the bathroom to brush and so Swish ensures that you are still covered. With Swish, you are always ensured of fresh breath regardless if you just ate something or woke up from a nap.


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