SUV’s: Advantages and Disadvantages

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) are popular vehicles among motorists who need something better than a “normal” sedan. Before you go out and buy one, here are things you need to know about SUVs, their advantages and disadvantages.

Sports Utility Vehicles like the Toyota Fortuner are preferred because of its large capacity and capability to travel over any terrain. Source: News @

In stating the obvious, SUV’s are big. On the inside, there is ample room. It can seat about 5-9 people. The size gives the owner a feeling of being superior or dominant on the road and for a good reason. Today’s SUV’s such as the Toyota Fortuner, Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Montero are designed to be stylish and this appeals a lot to those who would like to flaunt it on the road.

The large size also gives room for other features. They have many safety features with the usual seatbelts and airbags (not just in the front). The Toyota Rush for example has airbags on all sides. SUVs have all-wheel driving options (2 or 4-wheel drive) that enables them to travel on any terrain and keep the occupants comfortable.

This also means they are equipped with powerful engines that allow them to carry and tow heavy loads. This also means having higher ground clearance which makes them suited for rough terrain. They can also traverse small streams and flooded areas that would keep sedans away because the engine is situated higher.

SUV’s are not without issues or disadvantages. Its large size makes it unsuitable for small or narrow streets in the city, especially when there are other vehicles passing through or are parked.

The design gives SUV’s a low center of gravity, giving them a tendency to roll over when turning at high speeds. Therefore, you need to drive carefully, especially if you have passengers.

They are also fuel-guzzlers. This is one drawback of having a powerful engine. They consume a lot of fuel. It would be advisable to go for the diesel versions which cost less when filling up. If you are very conservative on fuel, the SUV is not for you.

Being a gas-guzzler also presents problems in terms of the environment. SUV’s give more emissions which means giving off more carbon. Needless to say, SUV’s contribute to pollution. This is why SUV’s are not popular in some countries because of this. But this is addressed in places where the environment is protected. This means lots of trees that can absorb carbon emissions.

If you feel SUV’s give you a sense of security and safety, not to mention the need for a vehicle that can ; traverse any terrain, and even floods; not to mention a large vehicle to accommodate just about everything, then this is just the vehicle you need.

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