Suunto Trainer Wrist

The first look of the Suunto Trainer Wrist HR was somewhat discouraging. The fact that there was no touch screen was really rattling especially when you consider that it is already 2017.

Externally, the watches look very serious – a stylish black case with a black strap, and a screen surrounded by a steel ring quite allow you to put Trainer Wrist HR not only for training, but also for a business meeting in casual format. The clock is rather light (66 grams), tightly seated on the wrist, do not rub and do not crush. The impression is somewhat spoiled by a rather ridiculous charging cable with a toothy clip of contacts – it seems that it will constantly fly away from any excessive shock, and the charging of the gadget will last forever. But no, the clip pretty confidently clings into the watch case, and if you do not make any effort, it will not be broken accidentally.


We went for a run to test one of the main chips of Suunto Trainer Wrist HR – built in the back of the body heart rate monitor from the American company Valencell, which has been studying and making serious progress in biometrics for more than 10 years. And indeed, the result is beyond praise: the clock in real time, clearly and smoothly, without jumps, show the dynamics of the pulse, do not slip anywhere and allow you to get a picture of the work of the cardiovascular system. If you need more complete information, you can connect to the Suunto Smart Sensor optical breast sensor.

We dived into the pool (Suunto Trainer Wrist HR has a rating of 50 meters, which allows you to swim for hours without problems) – and that’s where the logic of Suunto with the rejection of the touch screen becomes clear. To manage it with slippery wet fingers is quite inconvenient, and the clear bumps of buttons optimize the process very much, despite the seeming archaic of such a construction. And imagine how they will help out during some “Race of heroes” ot “Iron Man”, when you are continually splashing into the clay, then you are lying in the ground, then you dive into a pit with liquid mud. By the way, Suunto recognize training in the pool and in open water, set up for a certain length of the pool and taking into account the number of meters overcome, fix the number of strokes and the distance traveled.

Purpose of the buttons

  • Left upper – highlight and view information
  • Top right – return to the previous menu.
  • The middle button – select an item, OK.
  • Left bottom – return to the main menu.
  • The bottom right – scrolling screens or menus.

The GPS tracker is very useful for jogging and general outdoor training, which, among other things, is able to track sports objects, most popular among other users of Suunto, as well as measure speed, pace, distance and altitude. It is used through the Suunto Movescount application.

By the way, about the application – Suunto Movescount is available for the iPhone and Android, has a very accessible and understandable interface, and you can connect to it a bicycle power sensor, and a chest Smart Sensor.

In the free from training time the motion sensor will follow for your mobility. And it is worthwhile for you to go through the optimal 10 thousand steps in a day, and the clock will immediately signal about it by a sound signal and vibration.

The final verdict: it is a worthy addition to the ranks of modern sports gadgets that will help you to succeed on this planet of dating, incessant struggle for the title of the best of the best and the pursuit of success in all endeavors.



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