How to survive the Big Bad Wolf (book sale, that is)

There’s nothing more than a sale to get us excited and this time, Filipino bibliophiles are expected to flock at the World Trade Center for Big Bad Wolf’s first book sale in the country. Doors open on February 16, 9:00am and will close 10 days later on February 25 at 11:59pm for one of the biggest book sales in the world. Yes, this bibliophile’s paradise will be open 24 hours for 10 days!
Big Bad Wolf book sale at the World Trade Center
Big Bad Wolf book sale at the World Trade Center
With over 21,000 titles, 2 million books in stock and up to 80 percent off, shoppers are bound to find something they love. went to BBW’s preview sale day and here’s what to expect and how to survive the event:

  1. It’s absolutely free! There are no entrance fees. However, there is a queue to manage the crowd inside and where you can get stamped should you want to go out and come back during the day.BBW5
  2. There are baskets, baskets with wheels and shopping carts for shoppers’ use. You can’t take them outside though, so make sure you can manage to carry your loot for a hundred meter or so. Bring a light bag with trolley if you plan to buy a lot of books.
  3. The books are divided by sections – business and economics, self-help, history, religion, general fiction, contemporary romance, young adult, home and garden, fashion, cook books, music and movies, arts and crafts, graphic novels and children’s books. More than half of the tables are piled high with children’s books and activity kits.
    BBW Maths kit
  4. Most of the books are neatly sealed. However, there are open sample books that you can check out to see the contents of the book. They’re marked with a big, neon orange “SAMPLE” stickers.
    Big Bad Wolf Sample Book
    Big Bad Wolf Sample Book
  5. Prices start at P100 for some small books. Book prices average around P230 to P350 but most paperbound contemporary fiction books are at P190. Popular young adult series boxed sets like ‘The Maze Runner’, the ‘Clockwork’ books and ‘Percy Jackson’ are below P1000. Children will love Dr. Seuss’ book set. There are also premium children’s books like hardbound ‘Peter Rabbit’ books that are more expensive.
  6. The Big Bad Wolf wants you to break the piggy… bank.  Bring enough dough, or cash, or credit line. Just in case you want more books and don’t have enough for the day, there is a section where you can leave the books and BBW will hold them for you for 24 hours.
    This BBW haul cost this writer roughly P3500.
    This BBW haul cost the writer roughly P3500.
  7. Big Bad Wolf’s helpers are there to restock and restore order to the books but shoppers are requested to be nice and responsible and put back unwanted books back to their respective piles. If you are about to check out and changed your mind about some of the titles, there’s a section before the exit where you can leave the books you don’t want to buy anymore.
  8. You can bring your kids! More than half of the floor space is just for children’s books. Just make sure they behave.
    Some children's books on sale
    Some books on sale
  9. Big Bad Wolf expects a crowd so if you want to avoid them, they are open 24 hours so late evening to early morning may be the best time to go.
  10. By all means enjoy and be gleeful about your loot. This is your moment, bookworms!
  11. There are no food stalls inside, and food and beverages are not allowed inside the book area so make sure you are full before you go into the belly of the beast.
The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale or BBW Books is a Malaysian book fair regularly held in Malaysia and other Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. For the latest announcements, visit their website For more updates about #BigBadWolfBooksPH, you can drop by the Big Bad Wolf social media accounts on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
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