Survey: Sea-based engineers, healthcare professionals more highly paid Overseas

The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are the new heroes of our society. They keep our economy afloat by bringing in dollars while lifting up the level of the quality of living of their family. It is no wonder that many Filipinos want to work abroad.

With more Filipinos trying their luck to work abroad, it is only fitting to give them inside information as to what type of jobs are needed overseas and what countries they can be deployed safely.


At the media briefing sponsored by, the country’s leading overseas job site, they officially released the Overseas Jobs and Salary Report for 2017 with the following survey results.


For 2017, the highest paying specializations are sea-based engineers, healthcare professionals, land-based engineers and IT professionals. Did you know that a ship master working in the US can earn as much as PhP 99,000, with the chief engineer (PhP96, 000) and chief officer (PhP92,000) positions not far behind.

Land-based engineers, mostly in-demand in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific countries, can command as much as Php86, 000. Healthcare professionals such as nurses and veterinarians can receive Php57, 000 and Php59, 000 respectively.

If you want to work in the Middle East, you will be more compensated if you’re in the healthcare industry. Doctors specializing in pediatric care can earn as much as Php86,000 a month while nurses can earn Php65,000 and veterinarians, Php58,000.

In the Asia-Pacific region, IT professionals are highly paid, even those with 0 to 4 years of experience which can earn as much as Php54,000.

With news of wars and destabilization in some countries, our government is now selective as to which countries they can have agreement to and where to send our manpower. In the survey, the top 10 countries of deployment is led by Saudi Arabia. During the period January to October 2017, 54.19% of jobs ads are from this country.


Other Middle East countries that are part of the top 10 are Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

It is very notable that in the 2017 survey, Australia and Brunei dropped from the top ten and was replaced by Malaysia and Taiwan.

In terms of in-demand skill needed abroad, the following regions have set a criteria:

In the Middle East, Filipinos with skills in general work (drivers, electricians, and AC, auto, refrigeration, plumbing, and maintenance technicians), engineering-related (mechanics and electrical technicians), and food/beverage/restaurant service sectors (cooks, waiters/waitresses, and baristas) are most likely to be hired.

In the Asia-Pacific, skilled workers (carpenters, household service workers, and caretakers), engineering-related workers (technicians and technical operators), and manufacturing/production operations (factory workers, production and machine operators, and welders) will have jobs awaiting them.

In the US, sea-based engineers and skilled workers (electricians, fitters, able seamen, cooks, waiters/waitresses, and stewards) is more needed.

Looking at these variables, the survey showed that across regions, engineers are the most in-demand.

With this survey, also advises Filipinos on to be work-abroad ready. They give tips for our first-time overseas workers and foremost of this is to familiarize oneself with the country they will be deployed too. And since it’s most likely that majority of them will land a job in in the Middle East, they should study more of its culture.

They can find more information from the PEOS Online modules that provide guide for each key destination. They should also take skills-based courses from tech-vocational institutions and lastly they should get the necessary work experience in their very own country to get ahead of others.

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