Summer with Diana Stalder

Summer is one of the worst times for our skin. With the many outings we have with our family, friends, co-workers or loved ones, the many hours we stay under the heat of the sun, not counting the number of exposure we get on a daily basis, the sun’s UV rays are surely harming our skin.

While exposure to sun has it’s health benefits, UV radiation from the sun can have harmful effects which contributes to skin damage such as wrinkles, sunspots, and sunburn. The most common of the three? Sunburn.

When sunburned, the skin becomes red and painul. You also experience peeling which can be a painful procedure to go through. You need to drink plenty of water as well as the possibility of rehydration is quite high. The inflammation of the skin caused by the sunburn needs to be treated to reduce the damage to the deeper layers of the skin.


Through the healing process, one can use the Diana Stalder Triple Action Cream and Triple Action Lotion as a perfect combination to help treat sun damage. It whitens and hydrates the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and unwanted pigmentation so that you can have radiant, healthy, and youthful complexion again in just 2 weeks.

However, if the effects of the sun on your skin are a bit more than usual, you can also go ahead and avail of the Ultimate Power Peel. This Diana Stalder treatment will have the texture of the skin smoothened out by using glycolic acid that removes the outer layer of the damaged skin. It is an effective procedure that helps in visibly reducing acne scars, acne, rough and patchy skin as well as treating fine lines, black heads, and oiliness.


To avoid further damage to your skin, ensure that you use sunscreen daily. Apply the Diana Stalder Sunscreen Cream SPF35 at least 30 minutes before sun exposure then make sure to reapply every 2 to 4 hours.

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