Start a zero-waste lifestyle

The Earth faces serious problem.

According to Worldometers, the Philippines’ population is equivalent to only 1.39% of the total world population. Worldometers is run by an international team of researchers with the aim of making world statistics available to a wide audience around the world. However, international group Ocean Conservancy and McKinsey Center for Business and Environment released a report that the Philippines is the world’s third biggest dumper of plastics in the ocean.  And in the next thirty years, Metro Manila alone is projected to generate over 70 million tons of solid waste.

Again, given all the statistics, are we at all bothered with what will happen in our country?  Or such disturbing news is something we do not mind at all? shares this in the hope of bringing awareness and eventually achieving a cleaner Earth.  Though it seems hopeless, we can still act and aim for a healthier surrounding.  Real change must come from us with a few adjustments.  Living a zero-waste lifestyle is very possible.  How? details.

Cut on disposables

Start a zero-waste lifestyle
Start a zero-waste lifestyle

We are using too many disposables from tissue to plastic container, sanitary napkins, and disposable diapers.  We just enjoy their convenience and disregard the effect they may bring to the environment.  Nothing is too late, though.  A simple habit of using a lunchbox for our packed food is prudent than a plastic bag.  As a substitute for paper towels and napkins, we may opt for rags and handkerchief.  We may bring our favorite cup as we order our coffee or might as well brew our own drink at home.

Go paperless

Choose paperless billing.  This decision saves trees and definitely protects the environment.  It also helps save time as we do our transaction online.  Instead of jotting down notes, use the laptop.  Make use of the e-mail to send messages rather than use paper and pen. Recycle paper, too, and make use of the blank side of it than throw it instantly.

Make own fragrances and grooming products

Yes, we can.  We don’t need a degree in Chemical Engineering in order to create our own body mist, perfume even, and shampoo.  There are many do-it-yourself videos to guide us.

Make own natural air freshener

Start a zero-waste lifestyle
Start a zero-waste lifestyle

Commercially bought air fresheners effectively cover up odors.  They only mask the bad smell and don’t clean the air.  As such, there is a potential for toxic effects in humans.  Opt then for natural air freshener. It can be easily done with just a few ingredients found in our pantry.  It is more cost-friendly and highly effective, too.

No leftovers

We can choose to be careful in planning our next meal and cook reasonable portions only.  If there is food left, we may create another beautiful dish from that leftover.  We can also turn the spoiled food into fertilizer for our vegetable garden and houseplants.

Pack home-cooked lunch

Bring home-cooked meals to work instead of buying takeouts.  Those plastic utensils, cups, and the like only add up to the tons of trash buried in landfills.  Aside from big savings, bringing home-cooked meals ensures the cleanliness of the food.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Start a zero-waste lifestyle
Start a zero-waste lifestyle

These are the three R’s.  We reduce the amount of waste we bring at home.  That includes disposable containers, paper bills, new clothes.  We reuse old items or repurpose them.  Pants may be repurposed into a bag, while shopping bags can be reused again on our next shopping.  Items we consider still valuable but have no use for us may be donated to charity or given to someone else.  We may also opt to sell them.  For the recycle, we could set apart our biodegradable waste and use them as compost.  Adding compost to the soil is advisable as it is rich in nutrients.

Use nontoxic cleaning solution

Opt for natural alternatives over chemical-laden products.  White vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are often used as effective substitutes to chemical cleaners.  They are not only cost efficient but are also nontoxic.

Value clothes

Surprisingly, washing clothes add to our carbon footprint.  This translates to higher carbon emission leading excessive climate change.  Though this may harm businesses, reducing the overall demand for clothing production can help save the Earth.  It is also prudent to buy items of good quality.  This resolution not only does well to the environment but gives us great savings in the long run.

Start a zero-waste lifestyle

Though there are still a dozen and more ways to live with less waste,   following even a few from the list is already a big advancement. We could lessen those thousands of tons of waste from landfills.  We could enjoy an improved air as well as save hundreds and even thousands of pesos in the process.

Start a zero-waste lifestyle
Start a zero-waste lifestyle

Zero waste is such an idealistic goal.  It is a lifestyle easier to embrace than we could think.   We just need to be consistent with our objective – do not anymore add up to the growing dumpsite.

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