Start 2018 on the Right Track


Think of your New Year’s resolutions. How do you plan to make this year different? Which goals do you set yourself? Now think again. Did you not set the same resolutions last year? And the year before? Do not let 2018 be the same as every other. Do not let your wishes become temporary goals that never amount to anything. This year do it differently. Make your dreams become your deepest drive. And keep going. We’re here to help you along the way. It all starts with abandoning those damn New year’s resolutions and aiming for something higher this New Year.

Make lifelong commitments instead of resolutions

80 percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Why? Because people expect them to. New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken and no one takes them seriously. What you really want to achieve isn’t a meaningless wish. It’s not a temporary goal. Be 100% in. For the long run. Becoming great, living a happy and fulfilled life: these are the changes you should be aiming for. And these take a hell of a lot longer than a year. This is your life. Commit yourself to making it the greatest it can be. And start that mindset now.

Forget 2017 but remember the lessons

Focus on the future instead of giving the past your attention. For some of you, this may have been your worst year yet. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to change this. But you now have the power to make it your driving force. Let it be what motivates you to make this year even better. Instead of sitting on the thought of “2017 was the year I failed” think of it more as “2018 is the year I become the master of my own fate”. Forget if you fell off the bandwagon, now is the time to get back on it. The way you should see it is, 2017 was your warm up. You learned from it. 2018 is now what really matters.

Set What You Want and Set them on a Stone

As soon as you hit the first of January book a summer vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Sign up to the half marathon you never got round to running. This way, even during the darkest moments, you always have something to work towards. Something you can look forward to.

Don’t Fall for Quick New Year Tricks

We’ve all heard it before: New Year, new me. Everyone’s looking to get fit. To lose weight after Christmas and in time for summer. Unfortunately this paves the way for “get fit quick tricks”. Never ever fall for these. Why? Because the easy way doesn’t work. Period. Every professional athlete, even your favorite role model will tell you in order to get to where you want to be you have to put in a lifetime of hard work, dedication and persistency. Not 4 days or a week. It’s always better working hard for something that will sooner or later pay off, than wasting time on something that never will. Remember that.

“Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.” -Isaiah 52:12

Start this year as you wish to finish it. Life has so much in store for you. You just have to trust in your hard work and persistence. Put up with the pain. Fight through the frustration.

Make this year the year your wildest dreams come true and imagine what you can set your sights on next year. Are you ready to take on 2018? Let’s go.

Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.