Starbucks newest Pastries

We already gave you the low down on the newest promo, newest drink, and newest card of Starbucks. Of course, all these comes with the newest pastries that Starbucks will also be offering to welcome the New Year.

Lets start with this one. The Belgian Chocolate Flourless Mousse Cake is one of the best cakes that Starbucks has to offer. Layers of decadent flourless chocolate cake and smooth, creamy chocolate mousse is absolutely perfect when paired with brewed coffee or a Cafe Latte.  A slice will cost Php160 while the entire cake will cost Php1440.

Belgian Chocolate Flourless Mousse Cake

The Chicken and Ham Cubano is a pan grilled bread filled with roast chicken, ham, cheese, pickles and pickled jalapeño. This costs Php175.

Chicken & Ham Cubano

Another favorite is the Double Chocolate Pecan Bar. Rich chocolate brownie made with premium cacao, generous chunks of chocolate and pecan. One bar costs only Php85.

Double Chocolate Pecan Bar

The Gourmet Toast is perfect for breakfast and breakfast lovers who might want to have this at any time of the day. A whole wheat toast topped with egg, bacon, pastrami and cheese, pair this with any hot drink and you’ll be recharged and ready for the day. The Gourmet Toast sells for Php110 only.

Gourmet Toast

The mixed sandwichese on the other hand are perfect for merienda and when paired with Cold Brew or Iced Latte. An assortment of chicken, pastrami, tuna and turkey mini sandwiches. Refreshing and light sandwiches served cold. This costs only Php140.

Mixed Sandwiches

The Purple Yam Braso Parfait is the perfect way to end the night. A combination of pasty and dessert, this cup will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. A classic Filipino dessert in a cup with layers of meringue, custard and ube jam. A glass costs Php110.

Purple Yam Brazo Parfait

A crowd favorite – the Sausage Roll is now made with frankfurter sausage, layered with cheese sauce and honey Dijon mustard wrapped in flaky and buttery puff pastry dough. One bite and you will understand why people keep coming back for more. Priced at Php105, it is also easy on the pockets.

Sausage Roll

Whatever it is you fancy, Starbucks will surely have something for you. All of these will be available on January 9, 2018.

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