Starbucks new drinks for 2018

You know that it’s the new year when Starbucks offers new drinks on the market and this time around, they tickle your fancy by giving you a drink from Okinawa and a drink that is pure salty goodness.

As we welcome 2018, festivities continue on at Starbucks.

The coffee brand hypes up the celebration for its 20th anniversary, with decadent servings of flavor and a variety of exciting on the menu.

Starbucks is complementing its signature Espresso Roast with sophisticated flavors like salted caramel and Okinawa brown sugar, expertly crafted into an assortment of beverages.

Starting January 9, Starbucks mixes in one of Japan’s most popular culinary ingredients, the Okinawa Brown Sugar, to create Okinawa Brown Sugar Latté. The elegant drink highlights the hint of molasses found in the sugar and fuses in light caramel for a less sweet, coffee forward drink.

A returning favorite, the Salted Caramel Mocha Crumble, combines deep chocolate and espresso flavors with toffee nut syrup, layered with a delicious combination of whipped cream and caramel sauce. The beverage is topped with a blend of turbinado sugar and sea salt for a perfect sweet and savory taste.



This is the new signature Starbucks Espresso elevated with a hint of mellow sweetness from Okinawa brown sugar – specialty produce from the Japanese island and famous for its complex flavors and versatilities, finished off with a swirl of brown sugar drizzle on a airy milk foam.

For those who love sweet drinks, this is definitely a must try. This comes in hot and iced versions.

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Back by popular demand, Starbucks® Salted Caramel Mocha marries premium espresso with deep chocolate flavor and toffee nut syrup. The beverage is finished with a delicious combination of whipped cream, caramel sauce and a blend of turbinado sugar and sea salt for the perfect sweet and savory balance.

This will definitely please fans of Salted Caramel Mocha Crumble as it finally returns for a limited time. This comes in iced, hot, and blended versions.

Don’t miss out on the many, flavorful surprises from Starbucks. Grab their new signature espresso beverages in all Starbucks stores. Find out more on how to savor your coffee and the best of 2018 by visiting


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