Starbucks coffee connections

very day as Starbucks serves up the best-tasting coffee, wonderful moments and stories also brew within its stores as people from different walks of life gather and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the company of friends and family.

As Starbucks houses moments of human connection, it also becomes a witness to the deepest kind of connection – love. This Valentine’s Day, discover different kinds of love, some as heart-warming as a hot cup of coffee, some as sweet as your favorite desserts, and others that are stronger than any shot of espresso.

Sweeter the second time around

Bringing out distinct flavors for your perfect brew sometimes takes time. Just like the perfect cup, sometimes love also needs a little time to brew to make it much sweeter.

Amelia & Marvin

In 2005, Amelia and Marvin ended an almost 2-year relationship. Amelia started focusing on her work, family and ministry service, spending most of her time at a local Starbucks. One day, she was surprised to find Marvin waiting for her inside the store. Despite being apart for more than a year, they both admitted that their feelings for each other remained the same. From that moment on, they rekindled their romance, tied the knot and even had their pre-nuptial shoot at the place where their love story started anew – Starbucks.

Jaedel & James

Another story that will make your heart tingle is the sotry of Jaedel and James. Jaedel and James had been miles apart in the beginning. He lived in California while she stayed in Laguna, but when they finally met they knew it was something special. Jaedel was a mother of two, and as James embraced her children into his life, they bonded over Starbucks family dates. Eventually, the pair got married and had a child of their own and as their family grew, they continued to share even more family dates at the store.

Franz & Jennifer

Another love story rooted in coffee and tested by distance is that of Starbucks Store Manager and former partner (employee), Franz and Jennifer, who met in Starbucks Las Piñas where he was a seasonal hire and she was a shift supervisor. They had already felt a spark as they talked about growing up in the same city and province. Unfortunately, both were transferred to different stores and grew farther apart as she worked overseas. Realizing he had found true love and was not about to let her go, Franz continued to pursue Jennifer on social media. Just recently, the pair started a new chapter in their lives as they officially became husband and wife.

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