Star Wars: The Last Jedi – five reasons why we still love Star Wars

The following article is not the opinion of as a whole and may contain few spoilers if you haven’t watch the movie yet.  The exclusive screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was made possible by SnippetMEdia.


By now, Star Wars fans and movie goers have differing opinions about the latest Star Wars movie franchise The Last Jedi. As a huge Star Wars fan, most of us have our idea of what Star Wars is and how it should follow the canon, otherwise it isn’t Star Wars anymore and this is what the many are feeling right now. Did Disney ruins Star Wars? I almost cringed while watching Princess Leia/General Organa’s Mary Poppins moment but then maybe they just want us to remember that the Force is also strong with her.

official poster
official poster

May be The Last Jedi did not meet the expectation of Star Wars fans and we really have to move on, still there are teary eyed moments we like in the movie that still clung to the Star Wars universe we love:

“Where’s Han?”

Since the beginning of the franchise, the banter between Luke and Han solo has been very entertaining and we love seeing them together. Many years and events later, the relationship between Luke and Han Solo is highlighted in this movie with Luke’s question of “Where’s Han?” when he realized that Chewbacca is alone. It is a very haunting scene hearing him ask. You feel that Han Solo just died all over again.

Luke and R2D2 meet again.

One of the wow moments in this movie. It brings you back to wonder you felt when you first saw Luke Skywalker and R2D2 together, the very first time Princess Leia requested, through hologram, for Luke’s aid. You get teary eyed when R2 told off Luke off on his long absence in R2D2-speak.

Yoda moment.

Yoda may look sprightly in this movie or maniacal to say the least, but seeing dear Yoda and his Force talk and seeing Yoda and Luke is just comforting.

Skywalker twins reunited.

Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia/General Organa are twins but they don’t get to be together a lot in any Star Wars movie. Seeing them, with their old faces is sad. It makes us realize that getting older is inevitable. However, it is nice to know that before one of them left, they were together for a brief time.

Luke is gone.

We may still be in denial, but we just realized it’s going to be Luke’s last moment as he stared at what may be the two moons of Tattoine. The scene is very poignant… and when Luke vanished with only a pile of cloth left is remembering the moment when Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda also left. But then there is comfort in knowing, as Luke said that “No one’s ever really gone”.

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