South Park Phone Destroyer Review

South Park is considered a very offensive TV series by most people (and it still is). The show is so popular that it invades and references other forms of media. So it’s no surprise that South Park has spawned many video games.


Some of those games are hits and misses until Ubisoft’s South Park: The Stick of Truth was announced and became a hit. It was followed by the success of the series with South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

Now South Park and Ubisoft have announced a new mobile game for Android and iOS called South Park : Phone Destroyer.

phone destroyer

Phone Destroyer takes place after the events of Stick of Truth, where the kids can’t decide what to play next. After a long grueling debate, Eric Cartman decides that everyone should play Cowboys and Indians and invites the new kid to participate. (Only to switch the roles if it’s convenient for him).

The game follows the simple rules of card-based tower defense, only the new kid is the tower and the rest of the kids are there to defend him/her. The twist here is to reach the goal and defeat the boss in that stage. A game mechanic that is similar to mobile auto-RPG games.

Phone Destroyer is one of the few mobile RPGs that don’t rely on energy to progress in the game. Instead it limits the players progress via PvP (player vs player) challenges.

This can be a problem as some players rely on an epic deck that they buy with real currency.

Another problem with South Park is the strange random-generated rewards that use lockers to get either great or crappy rewards depending on the quest.

Other than that, Phone Destroyer works surprisingly well on smartphones. The graphics are smooth and well animated. It almost feels like they are watching an episode of South Park.

Overall, South Park: Phone Destroyer is a great mobile game for fans and gamers alike.

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