Social media marketing trends in 2018

The digital world has given brands a lot of new ways to reach and connect with consumers. Digital platforms have made marketing a two-way thing from the one-way thing. During the past years, brands use to market themselves with the help of ads on the hoardings, but now the hoardings are converted to digital ads. Especially, with the advent of social media platforms where people have the power to share their views, and everything is trackable, brands are now more powerful than ever.

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People create and share enough data on social media platforms for businesses to utilize and leverage the data to get the sentiments of people and understand their requirements. It is now kind of important to do so because everybody is doing it. So, if a business wants to hold themselves in the competition and increase their reach, then social media platforms are more than important.

To tap into the excellence of social media strategies and create successful social media marketing campaigns, brands take the help of expert social media marketing agencies. The benefit of having the social media agency working for you is that they understand the social media platforms thoroughly and monitor the changing trends closely. And, if you want the attention of masses then staying updated and following the trends is important.

To help you and give the understanding of some of the trends of social media marketing services for 2018, we have jotted some points for you. Have a look:

The power of videos

Video is all over the minds of people nowadays. The rate of video viewing is something that is increasing at the pace which is surprising everyone. People consume brand-oriented data and don’t even realize it because of the appeal of videos. Such an interactive and smart way of selling yourself is something that is going to stay constant in the industry.

The use of Augmented Reality

We all are very well exposed to the concept of AR and have seen many things going viral because of the technology. For instance, Pokémon Go was a game that made ripples not only here in the Philippines but around the world because of the exciting interface and new AR features.

While many companies have started using AR in their social media campaigns, there’s a lot more to discover. If you want to ace the social media marketing campaigns, then integrating AR can be the key.

Chat bots for the consumers/customers

Social media is about connecting with people instantly and having an engaging conversation. Chat bots are something that resonates perfectly with the soul of social media. With deployed artificially intelligent chat bots on the brand’s social media accounts, it helps to give instant and valuable solutions to the queries of the consumers or followers. Imagine that a consumer tweets to your brand about the recent issue he has with the product he purchased from you. Now, having the chat bot deployed will understand the sentiment and tonality of the tweet and make a quick reply to the consumer to keep him updated that his business is important to you.

Social media influencer marketing
Social media marketing trends in 2018
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While social media influencer marketing is something that can be seen being implemented by many companies, big or mall, it still holds an immense value in the social media world, and the trend doesn’t seem to end soon. Influencers can make the brand to get the attention from millions of people with a single post, which is all a brand can wish for.

An engaging content

Relevant content is something that attracts people as there’s enough redundant data available online. So, having the crisp and engaging content is something that will hold the key to getting the attention of the masses.

Social media is well-played in the Filipino community, and with a projected increase in commerce and economy in the next couple of years, social media marketing sure plays a great role in the game. While there are many emerging social media marketing agencies, you can still help grow your own business/brand by executing these latest marketing trends.

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