How Social Media Encourages Digital Infidelity?


Infidelity has many forms. Besides the commonly known physical infidelity, you can now be unfaithful emotionally and mentally, while you are online.  The presence of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, along with dating apps and sites like Tinder, Ok Cupid and Plenty of Fish have put a world of interpersonal connections quite a lot easier than one can ever imagine.

Experts say those same social networks have made it easier for people who are inclined to cheat on their significant other to do so with partners both familiar and previously unknown.

“Social media seems to have added fuel to the fire of infidelity,” says Dr. Gia Sison. Imagine your former flames are just a click away. Appropriate relationship boundaries can become blurry. For example, when does casual messaging cross the line into an emotional affair?

For people who are morally willing to and motivated to, social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage in unfaithful behavior. You don’t even have to find somebody who is in your neighborhood or anyone near you. You can flirt and exchange sexual communication with anyone who is willing to do it on planet Earth for as long as he or she owns a smartphone.


 In these times,  you see and hear many people getting into affairs, on the social networking sites. Social media cheating is what we would call it, as it’s about people getting intimate emotionally and mentally with someone other than their spouse.

Of course, many a times these virtual relationships take a real form and create a parallel in the real world to the relationships that people have with their spouses. In fact that the place most people consider safe to cheat on their spouse is the social media. It mostly starts there!

Quite often these social media cheaters are caught red-handed. And once that happens, usually the sky falls on their marriage, which is destroyed beyond repair.

Social media and social network are the cause of many relationship issues, divorces, or marriage failures.

So, there are two things to learn – not to use the social media to cheat on your partner and spouse. If you do, then know that it can lead to an irreparable breakup and even annulment or divorce.

“Social media can be a fun place to reconnect with old friends and keep up with new ones. but it can also play deadly on your marriage  if you allow it to ruin your relationship. With so many people online connecting in different ways, it’s hard to predict just how far this problem will go before it’s routed.”

Vance Madrid

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