Snippet X

If you are a newbie blogger, you might just hit the jackpot with Snippet Media. Snippet X is a new platform in Snippet Media that brings a whole new dimension to new aggregation by providing a different kind of access to stories written by local and international content creators on topics users are most interested in.


“Whether it’s about travel, fashion, food or technology, Filipinos will now have access to a multitiude of stories written by Pinoy bloggers all in one click,” Kitson Kho, founder and chairman of SnippetMedia said.

How does SnippetX work?

Snippet X is a hub where content from bloggers and freelance writers can be accessed by readers through the app. With SnippetX, online content creators can maximize the impact of their stories and keep readers engaged with the stories they want to see and follow.

Snippet X works because people are on their smartphones a good number of hours every day. Being part of a mobile app opens opportunities to reach a more captive and responsive audience through targeting and better recommended stories.

SnippetMedia makes reading and discovering online content a lot easier by saving users the time and effort in finding what they want to read among a multitude of sources. With SnippetX, it brings a whole new dimension to news aggregation because it provides a direct connection to Filipino content creators on topics that users are actually interested in.

Kathy Kenny


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