Snag a Prom Date: Ask a Guy Out!


Asking a guy to the prom is probably one of the most nerve-wracking, anxiety-producing things a young girl has to go through. There’s dialing his mobile number but then hanging up on the initial ring. There’s asking girl friends to do it for you instead. Then there’s resigning to just anyone such as our annoying brother, your goofy cousin, or even worse, a blind date who turns out to be a prom date from hell. If you don’t want to end up with an unmemorable date, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Time to get out of your shell. There’s nothing wrong in asking a guy you like out since it’s going to be one of the most special nights of your high school life. You have the perfect excuse: PROM NIGHT. is here to give you tips on how to snag a date:


If you don’t know the cute guy from the neighboring boys’ school, ask a common friend to introduce you. Be sure to do this way in advance. Strike up a friendship with him so that it will be easier for you to ask him out later. 

Sending an SMS or calling him is a bit impersonal. Ask him when you are face to face with him. This can give you jitters all right but being asked personally is harder for someone to turn down.

It’s best to find a good date first rather than your prom dress

Be a good sport, though, if he tell you in your face, NO. It’s hard to keep a happy face in front of hi m but it’s not the end of world. There are so many other boys out there you can have fun with.

Lay off the guy who already has a girlfriend no matter how much you are crushing on him. 

Guys can’t really read between the lines. Don’t beat around the bush. Speak up. You could say, “I’m having my prom next month, would you like to come with me?”

Prepare a small token of appreciation for him such as a CD, a pen, or a PC game. You can even make something yourself so that it will be more personal.

Don’t procrastinate and wait until a few days before and wait until a few days before the big day. He also needs some prep time. What’s more, someone else could snag your dream date from you before you could say, “It’s m prom night!”

If you can’t ask your crush or your prospective, future honey, why not ask your childhood, best guy friend. you may end up having a blast since you know each other well. 

Go dateless. Not having a hottie escorting you to the ballroom should not dampen your spirits. You don’t need a cute accessory to have fun. Enjoy with your other dateless friends because prom is all about having fun, with or without a date. 

Vance Madrid

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