Smartphones at budget prices for 2018

Smartphones are fast becoming the wave of the future. Not only are they only used for calling and texting, they have incorporated other features you are bound to use all the time – camera, music player, Internet browser and other useful apps.

While it may be true that quality comes with high prices, it is not always the case. There are some brands out there that are quite affordable. Here are the Top 5 smartphone brands that are more affordable or that may fit well into your budget.

NOTE: The criteria for “affordable” is for those costing less than 15,000 Php. Prices are based on and


This Taiwanese brand has established a reputation for manufacturing quality computer hardware. It is a given they have applied the same standards of quality to their smartphones, particularly their Zenfone series. Here are some models that are affordable:

  • Zenfone 4 Selfie Lite (P7,995)
  • Zenfone Max Pro (P13,995)
  • Zenfone 4 Max ZC554XL (P8,999)
  • Zenfone Go 8GB (P5,295)
  • Zenfone Live 16GB (P5,959)


Contrary to what you might think, Chinese smartphones are proving to be of good quality. This can be attested by the aggressive advertising campaign in promoting it. With that in mind, Oppo would probably be on top of your list. Not only is it popular in the Philippines but in neighboring ASEAN countries like Malaysia and Singapore (I saw it with my own eyes that they are also sold there), a testament not only of its popularity but also the fact Oppo is of good quality. Here are models you may consider:

  • Neo 7 (P5,650)
  • Mirror 5 (P7,900)
  • A37 16GB 4G LTE Dual Sim (P6,990)
  • A37 16GB Gold (P6,989)
  • A71 Black (P8,990)


Famous for making pocket wi-fi’s, this Chinese company has also ventured out into the smartphone business and is making waves. They boast of cameras that can take pictures as good as a DSLR. In fact, one photographer used it to take shots of former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach instead of DSLR and still produced good results. Models to go for:

  • GR3 (P8,700)
  • Y5 16GB Gold (P5,255)
  • Honor Play 6A 32 GB (P7,498)
  • Honor 4X LTE 8GB (P6,190)
  • Y7 Prime 32 GB (P9,990)


This brand of Chinese origin is also getting aggressive in entering the market. They make low-cost smartphones and the fact they have gotten NBA player Stephen Curry as its endorser speaks a lot on their determination to land a niche in the market, as well as prove they have the quality to back it up. They boast of having a camera that can also take DSLR-quality pictures. Here are models worth considering:

  • Y53 16GB (P5,990)
  • V5s (P12,200)
  • Y55s 16GB (P8,490)
  • Y53 Ultra HD Photos 16GB (P5,989)
  • Y69 32GB (P10,990)


Probably the least expensive of the lot, barely three years old, they have been gaining attention with their line of smartphones that have been judged of good quality. Here are some models that may catch your fancy:

  • Go SP 8GB (P1,849)
  • Go Connect Lite (P1,799)
  • Go Connect (P2,199)
  • Thrill Power (P3,499)
  • Next Lite (P7999)

All these brands are in sizes ranging from 5.5 inches to 7 inches. They have expandable memory; their front and rear cameras are high-resolution that would rival DSLRs, have Gorilla Glass to protect screens from damage, offer 4G technology and have longer battery life (just to name a few).

No matter which one you get, you can be sure to get a smartphone that is not only good in quality, but at affordable prices.

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