Smart steps to buying your first car

So you’ve finally decided it is time to purchase a car.  Well, you’ve wanted to for so long but you’re having second thoughts.  Doubts if you can pay for its monthly amortization is what scares you the most.

But more than the payment, there are still other equally important details you need to consider before buying your first car. To help you not to go off-track, gives you a handy checklist as you hunt that perfect car.

Smart steps to buying your first car
Smart steps to buying your first car

Know your budget

Take note that once you brought home that car, you need not only consider saving for your monthly amortization but also for its maintenance.  Plus there are monthly expenses such as gas, car wash, parking fee, and insurance to save for.  These expenses are what you pay for your convenience, productivity, and image.

Remember that the bigger your initial downpayment is, the lower your monthly amortization will be.  A longer payment period means higher interest rate but may also mean a monthly amortization you could squeeze into your budget.

Know your need

As you work on your budget, also check and determine the type of car that best suit your need.  Consider the number of your family members as well as the activities you often do.  Also, think of your needs and not merely your wants.

You may want a sedan type vehicle but with five children in the family, surely you will be needing a bigger space which a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) may address.  This type of vehicle is also best when you often go out for picnics, outdoor sports, and even camping.

Do your research

Having determined your budget and needs, now focus on details.

Often, when you start with a research and able to determine the features and look of the car you would want to drive, you may end up frustrated.  This is because your budget cannot meet your wants.  You need to be level-headed and always go back to what is important – again, your budget and needs.

Because you have pre-determined your needs, check now what options are available and see additional features you can make use of the most.

Smart steps to buying your first car
Smart steps to buying your first car

If you are looking for an SUV, for instance, but has a tight budget, one good consideration is the Toyota Rush.  It has an ample space good for seven and few more for your cargo.   It is cheaper and slightly smaller than the Fortuner but it has added and unique features that make it irresistible.   Such is its adjustable steering wheel which allows the driver to tilt it upward or downward to a position he is most comfortable.

Check the car’s reliability

It is important to know the vehicle’s track record same with its maker.  A recent survey conducted showed that reliability tops car buyers’ priority.

Motoring Panel,  an online research community of motorists who share their opinion about the automotive industry, highlighted in one survey that one important factor car buyers consider is the car’s reputation for quality.   Of course, car buyers are not only after the sleek features and budget but as well as the reputation of the vehicle in terms of dependability.

Do not forget to consider also the dealers’ accommodating attitude.  Look for a dealer which will prioritize your request, help you even after sales, and update you on latest offers.

Take a test drive

After your research and opt for your preferred dealer,  nothing will make you feel more confident than being behind the wheels.  Check on the seat height, wheel adjustment, and accessibility to buttons.

If it has been months since your last driving, take a refresher course.   This will help you be familiar again with the different gears and buttons.  Spend a great time making at home to feel the steering wheel and have a great control of the car.  Go back as well reviewing traffic signs and rules.

Drive within your subdivision for at least an hour to be familiar with every turn and push.  Do not go far unless you are confident you can drive miles away from home.

Smart steps to buying your first car
Smart steps to buying your first car

Smart steps to buying your first car

There’s nothing more exciting than the idea of cruising down the street in the driver’s seat of your new car.  More than the feeling of delight, you should also take note that owning a car is a responsibility.  It didn’t stop bringing it home.  There is maintenance, among other things, thus it is prudent that you buy the car that meets your expectations and needs more than your ego and pride.

About to buy your first car? Happy shopping!

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