Why it’s smart to be optimistic

There are many principles of optimism and payoffs. It is easy for to have a lot of good thoughts without even realizing its good benefits. For a pessimistic person, it could take a mile to come off dashing from negative thoughts without experiencing something that makes them feel better and smarter.

Just by being optimistic, you can be smart stretching your possibilities to do more in life and live longer.  Here are three main things that could contribute to having a healthy and longer life out by just being optimistic.

Thinking healthy
Max Res
Max Res

Feeling well helps when you are not well. When researchers look at people who have similar medical conditions, they can predict who is likely to live longer: the one who feels their heart is better. There’s something about that feeling of wellness that is important. Optimism also seems to help buffer you against stress. “Expecting good things can make you healthier and might even lengthen your life”, says psychologist Professor Suzanne Sergerstrom, author of Breaking Murphy’s Law.

Do something

Optimism is something you do. Anxiety and other negative emotions are known to be detrimental to your body—physically, socially, and emotionally. Steaming off those anxieties and negative feelings drive you to do more and be fearless. People who are optimistic are more likely to actively participate in their treatment, and come out more productive in studies, work, and social activities.

Expect positive things to happen

Optimism is being smart

Create a positive events log. Good things happen to everyone, but pessimists often don’t take notice; spending a few minutes every day writing or even thinking about at least three positive things may help you expect them often. You could even feel better while expecting positive outcomes when waiting for a result to come out. But when results come out bad, optimistic people have more reasons to combat the negative feelings and that’s what makes life easier.

Have you been feeling bad vibes recently? Let go of those negatives and live smarter by flipping it up. Think healthy, do something productive, and expect positive things to happen. Simple, yet, smart moves to make you live smarter and longer.

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