5 Smallest Dog Breeds that Would Make a Perfect Home Companion

Dogs are said and believed to be man’s best friend. They are just the cutest, the sweetest, and the most loyal companions you could ever have! Every fur parent out there would surely agree. If you are new to dogs and would love to have a tiny buddy at home, check out our list of the smallest dog breeds that would make a perfect home companion:



A very popular dog breed, Chihuahuas are considered to be one of the smallest dogs in the world. They are very lightweight, normally weighing around 4 to 6 pounds, and they grow about 6 to 10 inches tall in most cases. Chihuahuas love being with their family/companions and are quite protective by nature. To top it all, they are very low-maintenance when it comes to grooming and stuff!


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The Maltese is a gentle and elegant toy dog breed that often weighs just about 7 pounds and grows between 8 to 10 inches. Maltese dogs are very lively and people-oriented, making them a great home companion. They are also sweet, cute, and easily trained.



The 7 to 10 pound Papillon stands only about 8 to 12 inches, and is a very friendly and self-assured dog. Papillons are highly active, intelligent, and obedient. Although they are not cuddlers by nature, they are very trainable and alert.  Keep in mind, though, that they aren’t suited to living outdoors.



Pom poms, as people would like to call them, are nothing but cute and fluffy little dogs. They weigh approximately 4 to 8 pounds and usually stand  5 to 11 inches tall. While they are known to be small in size, they may appear larger due to their thick fur. Also, even though they require much grooming, they are easily trained and are very friendly as soon as they have adapted to you.

Yorkshire Terrier

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Known to be the most popular toy dog breed in the U.S., Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkie, are about 4 to 6 pounds heavy and 8 to 9 inches tall. An elegant and glamorous type of dog, they are affectionate towards people and are kind of mischievous, too!

Dogs are not mere pets as opposed to what non-fur parents would think. They are family who can cheer you up and make your day a whole lot better; and if these adorable babies did not make you wish you had a home companion of your own, then you’re totally gonna miss out on a lot in life!

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