Signs He’s Not the One for You


The beginning of a new relationship is thrilling. There are the usual butterflies and worries about whether your new bae feels the same way about you, but it’s part of the excitement of a fresh beginning. When we’re in a new relationship, we cannot help but think this is the start of something great. After all, why would we have gotten into the situation if we didn’t see major potential? Alas, there are times when we might be optimistic in a relationship, but we fail to see that it’s actually not the best thing for us.

Sometimes we’re so overcome with the fresh, new feelings that we overlook or don’t actually realize that are some red flags in the situation. Occasionally, we can get so caught up with a new bae’s good qualities that we ignore the bad ones. Other times, we’re so enthralled with the idea of a relationship that we fail to consider whether the new person is actually a good match for us. Watch out for the red flags in relationships.

Here are signs that your boyfriend may not be good for you:

You Feel Like You Cannot Be Your True Self

If you’re in a new relationship, it’s understandable that you want to show your best side. You might not want him to know about your little quirks and habits quite yet. With time you should open up and feel comfortable letting it all hang out. Think about what’s going on. If you feel like you have to mask parts of your personality or you have to be a different person when you’re around him, it’s an issue. You should ask yourself why you feel you cannot be yourself around your new SO.

You Don’t Feel That Spark

A romantic relationship needs to have a spark. You might be trying to kid yourself in thinking that you just haven’t had enough time for it to develop yet. Consider whether there’s any sizzle there. Perhaps it’s there, but it might be faint. That may or may not be enough to sustain your relationship. If there’s nothing, it’s likely that bae is better off as a friend.

You Feel Overwhelmed At The Idea Of Making Things Official

When you and him talk about taking your relationship to the next level, do you get overwhelmed at the idea? Do you almost feel trapped? If so, you need to take an honest look at your relationship. It might not be that you’re afraid of commitment. The reality could be that deep down you know that you and him aren’t right for each other.

You’re The One Putting In All Of The Work

Who is the one who makes plans and texts the other person? If it’s always you, you need to consider what the deal is. Even if he isn’t a big communicator, He/she is an equal in this relationship. If you’re the one putting in all the time and effort and he/she isn’t, it might indicate that your SO doesn’t feel as strongly about this relationship as you do.

You Get Defensive About Why You Should Be Together

When you talk about your relationship with your significant other, friends, or family, do you sometimes get on the defensive about why you and him should be together? Be honest here. You should really ask yourself why you feel the need to defend your relationship. It could be that deep down you know that it’s not the perfect match.

There’s Humor Missing From Your Relationship

Maybe you have plenty of fire in your relationship, but what about humor? You might think that humor isn’t that important as long as you have a hot connection, but it is. Humor is the thing that can help you to bond and get through tough times. If your relationship doesn’t have it, you and him might find yourselves fighting more because you can’t brush things off or joke.



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