Shawarma Bros – Not like anything Else

Shawarma Bros is a concept restaurant that serves that popular Middle Eastern food that is akin to the Greek Gyro (promounced “yee-ro”) and the Mexican Burrito. Right now, it has three branches all over Metro Manila (see below).

The menu.

A Brief History

Shawarma Bros is the brainchild of five friends – Abraham Castro, Gabriel Sobrepena, Joey Reyes, and Rammy de Claro (hence the “Bros” tag) who have been together since high school. Paolo Layug joined the group during their college years. Shawarma Bros started out as a food truck but after some time, they have decided to start a restaurant.

Here’s a sampling of what is offered at Shawarma Bros.

The Food

Shawarma Bros served mainly Middle Eastern cuisine whose centerpiece is of course, shawarma. It can be served either with pocket bread or with rice. But the “Bros” did not want to be “just like any other shawarma joint.” The challenge for them is to make their shawarma stand out above the rest.

After trying out various shawarma and other Middle Eastern food from stalls (like Turks and Khaleb) and established Middle Eastern restaurants, the have combined the best features to make their own brand that makes them distinct. With the help of a chef from the Center for Culinary Arts, they have turned a mere snack food into something tasty and filling.

They do not cook it the way they do in food stalls (that rotating grill). The “Bros” said it affects the freshness of the meat especially in parts that are still on the spit. For the rice meal, they use biryani rice instead of plain rice. They also serve lamb besides the usual chicken and beef. Owing to its Muslim origins, no pork is served. The pita bread’s texture is better than anywhere else.  It is not too chewy and baked just right.

The meat is well cooked. It is best to eat it while it is warm. Even if it gets cold, it will not turn rancid, especially the beef. It is not oily and greasy and the biryani rice is savory enough. All these make for a filling meal.

But there is more! They offer a version with French fries instead of rice! The fries are well cooked and not greasy but still very tasty and guaranteed to be filling.

You can add sauce to your meal. There is the garlic yogurt, chili tomato, and cheese sauce (everything seems to go well with cheese). The garlic yogurt is not too strong owing to the yogurt added. The chili tomato is not spicy. It seems the tomato has neutralized the heat. Shawarma Bros made the yogurt themselves!

Besides shawarma, they also serve Keema and Burrito if you like a Mexican twist to your meal. For drinks, they serve beer besides the usual softdrinks and iced tea.  Shawarma Bros offers a beer-drinking challenge. Those who can consume 350 or 500 ml of beer will get their name displayed on their wall and receive souvenir items.

If you are looking for a shawarma that is not like any other, Shawarma Bros is the place to go.


2nd Floor, Bonifacio Stopover, 31st Street corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

2nd Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

2nd Floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City



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