#ShaGabLovesMcDo shows friendship after breakup is possible

You saw a former love eating alone in the corner of a fast food chain.  You never had second thoughts and asked if you could share the table with her.

Though surprised, she answered back, “Ikaw naman, parang wala tayong pinagsamahan.”

 #ShaGabLovesMcDo commercial shows friendship after a breakup is possible
#ShaGabLovesMcDo commercial shows friendship after a breakup is possible (screengrabbed from McDonald’s Facebook page)

Exactly the scene that welcomes televiewers as McDonald’s releases today, February 9, its newest commercial with Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion as the lead stars.  This creates quite a buzz and many begin to raise the question, “Is it possible for ex-lovers to become friends again?”

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this long-standing question.  For one, lovers breakup because of different reasons.  Was the breakup too traumatic that most probably, turning the relationship into something platonic might seem too early to happen?

In the case of Concepcion and Cuneta’s McDo commercial, it shows the possibility for former husband and wife to reunite again, but only as friends.  How can it be possible?

Get proper closure

A closure is knowing the reason for ending the romantic relationship.  It is also mutually terminating the title “couple” and ending any romantic involvement with one another.  With the proper closure, you are allowing yourself to let go of the hurt and pain that come from the breakup.  It is only by letting go will you achieve the first step to making peace with what happened.

Heal separately

Limit contact with your ex.  Take some time to be apart to heal properly and completely.  It may also mean limiting self to seeing your former beau’s family and friends.   Process the breakup emotionally just like when you mourn the death of a loved one.  You have to accept the changes that happen in your relationship.  Reclaim and celebrate your independence after.  Know yourself more and also know what you are looking for in your next relationship.

Move-on wholeheartedly

Accept the possibility that the relationship will not happen again even after how many times you’ve tried.  Maintain a respectable correlation with each other if you have kids.  In order to do this, you have to forgive, forget, and respect.

To forgive means you admit that both of you committed something wrong.  To forget, though, may be hard, is erase all the hurt the person caused you.  In its place, reminisce all the good things he has done for you and be thankful for those memories.  Respect is to give him his privacy and the possibility of a new love in the form of others.   When you learn to do these three, a possible friendship between the two is ready to blossom.

Friendship after a breakup is possible

 #ShaGabLovesMcDo commercial shows friendship after a breakup is possible
#ShaGabLovesMcDo commercial shows friendship after a breakup is possible (screengrabbed from McDonald’s Facebook page)

Love changes.  Life circumstances change, too.  People change, as well.  With an open mind and forgiveness to self and the other person, reconciliation is possible.  Becoming friends with an ex-lover is never an illusion.  It is possible, just like in the case of Concepcion and Cuneta.

Have you seen the new commercial?  After seeing the commercial, you will realize that love really do not leave former lovers.  It blooms into a beautiful friendship when you let time, forgiveness, and respect heal your heart.

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