Seven: The Days Long Gone Review

Seven: The Days Long Gone is a unique isometric, stealth RPG  (role-playing game) developed by IMGN.PRO and Fools Theory. The idea for a diablo-style stealth game seems to be a very unique concept, but can the game steal the show? Let’s find out in this game review.

seven the days long gone

The story of Seven begins when a master thief named Teriel tries to steal a powerful artifact on a large estate. Little did he know that the artifact that he stole was housed by a deamon. Now possessed and caught, the deamon informs the thief that he was sent on a mission that will shake the very foundations of the Vetrall empire.

The game has an incredible story about deceit and treachery. Seven’s world building shapes up thanks to the many texts and side quests that appear throughout the prison island of Peh. There are also multiple choices on dealing with quests. Players can either choose the stealthy route and sneak past the guards or fight them head on with visceral combat.


Sadly, the game falls a bit short when it comes to gameplay. There are times where the controls get a bit unresponsive. Stealth can be a bit troublesome as there is no option to zoom out the map. There are no objective markers that can help players get to their goal. This can lead to many frustrating moments that lead players to abandon stealth and go to a killing spree.

The game’s mini map doesn’t seem to help at all because there are times where players can get caught by guards that are off-screen. Pickpocketing also feels like a chore as every NPC can beat up Teriel (even in their sleep.)

Some levels can be a problem, because there is little vision on the environment. Like when jumping on what is thought to be an open space, but it turns out to be a ceiling.

Though the game may suffer from a lot of bugs, good thing that the developers constantly release patches to keep the game more bearable for some players.


Overall, despite how buggy the game is, the unique stealth mechanic and the intriguing story help hold the Seven together.


Overall Score:


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