Are you too self-conscious without makeup on?


Makeup can be amazing. Just a few products can create so many different beautiful looks. Makeup can enhance your features, give you confidence, and help you unleash your creativity. Unfortunately, makeup can make people feel self-conscious about their natural beauty and not want other people to see them sans makeup. Can you relate?

If you’re nodding your head, you probably feel especially sensitive about the idea of your SO seeing you without your foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow. It shouldn’t be that way. Here’s what to do if you feel self-conscious about bae seeing you without makeup on.

Girl, hold up right there. Why are you stressed about bae seeing you without makeup? You’re a gorgeous girl, naturally and with makeup. And if your SO has any sense, he/she will get that. That being said, we can understand why you might be stressed. There are some jerks out there that don’t seem to understand natural beauty and think makeup is sort of “cheating.”

Before we get into why you don’t want bae to see you without makeup, think about your hesitation. Is it because you’re self-conscious about something, like dark circles or your pale skin? Or, is it because you feel vulnerable without makeup and you’re concerned that bae might say something mean?

Fear that your bae might find you unattractive?

It’s highly unlikely that bae will not see your stunning natural beauty given that your SO has decided to be in a relationship with you. You might not realize it, but bae is probably very, very attractive to you, just like you’re attracted to him/her.

It is rare, but there is the possibility that bae might not fully appreciate your gorgeousness with and without makeup. If that’s the case, you should kick the person to the curb (just kidding). But on a serious note, if he doesn’t like you without makeup, then it just simply means he doesn’t love you that much).

We know that it can be very painful that you’re sensitive about not wearing makeup. Then you have to deal with the blow of bae not loving your natural look. We want you to know that you are beautiful in all your forms and don’t let some jerk who doesn’t know anything make you think otherwise.

We know that it will be difficult to see the positive in the situation, but try to see the silver lining that you saw bae’s true colors now rather than later. It’s better that you realized what a you-know-what he/she before you invested anymore time and love into this relationship. Now, you can focus on yourself and maybe finding someone who will appreciate the gorgeous goddess that you are.

How can you feel less self-conscious about not wearing makeup?

Think about why you’re wearing makeup. Are you doing it to mask something or to enhance your features? If you’re trying to hide something, why? Try to adjust your attitude into using makeup to enhance what you love about yourself. You probably do that already, but you might just be more focused on concealing.

We know it sounds cheesy, but looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you’re beautiful, can make a world of difference. Try repeating it daily. And when you say it, look directly in your eyes in the mirror. And mean it. Even if you don’t feel confident in saying it in the beginning, the confidence will hopefully grow.

To get more comfortable about bae seeing you without makeup, you can start off going without your usual products with other people like your friends, relatives, etc. If you feel comfortable doing that then it should be easier to do it with bae.

“Remember, makeup is supposed to be fun. It’s not something you have to use and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for wearing it or not. It should be enjoyed, just like your natural beauty.”

Vance Madrid

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