Score three for ₱100 books at Scholastic Warehouse Sale this summer

According to Professor Vic Villanueva, reading teacher, specialist, and consultant, in his talk “Reading Landscape: What Readers Look for in a Good Story?” during last year’s The Philippine Readers and Writers Festival, it was proved through research and study that  weekly, 22 percent of Filipino readers read non-school books, 22 percent doesn’t read, 91 percent read for information and knowledge, and nine (9) percent read for enjoyment. Obviously, Filipinos love to read to learn information. But the question is, “What information do they want?”

Why do you read? What do you look for in a good story?
Why do Filipinos read? What do they look for in a good story?

Like for instance, if you are a parent, you ask yourself, “What do my kids want? Why do they want to know?” Professor Vic said that your answer should depend on what hat you’re wearing. Are you going to answer it as a teacher, parent, publisher, or writer? This question drives your actions, motives, and assumptions. Aside from these facts, even if you are wearing different hats at the same time or one at a time, you have to take into consideration that this is the hierarchy of what kids want in a good story: security, love and being loved, to belong, to achieve, to change, to know, and to have beauty and order.

In consonance with these insights, Scholastic Inc. knows what truly matters in a child’s and even adult’s needs and wants in reading and learning by providing quality reading and educational materials for decades. Each book that it publishes no matter what genre it belongs can surely satisfy every reader’s craving for fun, entertainment, education, and more! That’s why here in the Philippines, every Scholastic Asia pop up bazaars in schools and most especially its warehouse sale is truly highly-anticipated. Getting high quality brand new books in a fraction of a price makes a bibliophile the happiest person in the universe!

This summer, Scholastic Warehouse Sale is coming your way starting this March until May 2018! The warehouse sale is open during all Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of March to May 2018 except during Holy Week from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in Grolier Scholastic Warehouse in 70 C. Raymundo Street, Pasig City . As anticipated, it is offering a wide selection of picture books, fiction and nonfiction books, classics, popular series, inspirational, and arts and crafts for as low as ₱50! Aside from that, it also has a three (3) for ₱100 promo so everyone is not going to leave the sale empty handed.

You can get books for as low as Php50 at Scholastic Warehouse Sale this summer!
You can get books for as low as ₱50 at Scholastic Warehouse Sale this summer!
Three (3) for Php100 books from Scholastic Warehouse Sale is real value for money!
Three (3) for ₱100 book promo is real value for money!

Here’s the map to guide you to the venue!

vicinity map red white square

Enjoy book shopping! We would like to know your Scholastic Warehouse Sale haul. Feel free to share it by commenting below!

Update from Scholastic Asia as of March 8, 2018:

Good news! Starting March 9, Scholastic Warehouse Sale will be open EVERYDAY (except March 29 to April 1) until May 27, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
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