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Start your year right with a bang!  Say hello to our best skin ever, thanks to these tips from

A new year means a fresh start, and that goes for your skin, too. Make 2018 the year all your skin dreams come true—smoother, firmer with less aging lines, more radiant!—with a number of innovative available skin and body treatment made available for you using the cutting edge technologies—as long as you have the necessary budget, everything should be easy peasy.

The treatments you should avail of must not only use the state-of-the-art technology but should also be individually tailored to your needs and skin type to deliver optimum results.  Caring for one’s skin is tantamount to having an investment. Think of it as creating the best possible version of yourself, from top to toe. Now that’s something to smile about.

Laser Hair Removal

It’s a common conundrum in summer—you decide to wear that short dress or a flirty skirt, or finally whip out your swimsuit, but then realize you’ve forgotten to wax or shave. Never be caught out again! There are lots of hair removal clinics to rely on. Some offers fast and reliable permanent hair reduction using medical-grade lasers to ensure your skin is smooth and always ready to go. Catering to all different skin types, these lasers are proven to be safe enough to be used on every part of the body, from the upper lip to legs to bikini line. And don’t worry about the ouch factor—the lasers have a unique cooling function to calm, soothe and protect your skin. Yep, you can throw away those razors for good.

Cosmetic Injections

Let’s face it, sometimes your complexion needs a little extra help to look fresh and rejuvenated. Most aesthetic and skin care clinics can answer your queries and skin SOS.  Many of them offer a variety of non-invasive cosmetic injectable treatments, from dermal fillers and lip enhancements to chin sculpting and wrinkle prevention, so you can make the most of your own features. At experienced cosmetic injections clinic, all injectables are carried out by highly trained doctors and registered nurses who are experts in facial anatomy and bone structure. They perform these procedures every single day, so you can feel confident that the results will be as amazing as you hoped, while still managing to look subtle and natural.


Freckles, age spot, scarring, fine lines—don’t let your skin give away the sins of your past (or your age). Using the cutting-edge technologies and cosmedical-grade treatments to revitalize the skin, treating texture, tone and hydration level, name it, almost everything is possible. Whatever your skin complaint is, there is a way to fix it nowadays. Microdermabrasion addresses lacklustre skin, derma rolling can help boost collagen production (you can drink it up too, whether with vitamins and minerals or mixed in coffee or juice) and reduce the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and acne scarring. Meanwhile, peels can nix discoloration and large pores. LED light therapy targets rosacea among other issues and laser tightening improves the skin’s elasticity. The good news is that, all of these procedures and treatments had very minimal downtime and are non-invasive.

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