Safety at the Beach

Looking forward to hitting the beach this summer? As you prepare to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, here are a few safety reminders to ensure you will have a pleasant time at the beach.

Make sure there is a lifeguard on duty at the beach you are in. Also make sure there are life-saving equipment available.

In relation to that, see to it there is a first aid station or make it a point to bring a first aid kit. Although it might not be necessary, it might be needed should accidents happen such as getting cut by coral, or hurt by harmful marine life such as jellyfish.

Know the rules and regulations of the beach. They are there for a reason – to ensure your safety. Follow whatever instructions or warnings the lifeguard gives. The common rules are: No littering, do not swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs and observe curfew hours on the beach resort. Heed whatever safety signages are put up. Such warnings are sharp coral, slippery rocks, high surf, drop off and rip currents.

Avoid swimming or staying in the areas reserved for watercraft such as boats or jetskis. These areas ensure these craft can travel efficiently over the water without any obstruction. Swim only in designated areas.

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Always follow safety reminders on the beach. This is to ensure you will have a trouble-free fun under the sun. Source: UNTV

Check for safety nets, flag signals and buoy markers in the swimming area. They mark the area where you can safely swim. Do not go outside these markers. It is safe to assume the area beyond the markers is dangerous or unsafe.

Keep an eye on your children. Do not let them swim alone or even by themselves if they are a group. See to it they ask permission from you if they are going to swim.

It is advisable you go to known beach resorts instead of undiscovered beaches. It is hard to tell if they are safe for swimming.

In the event of an earthquake, head for higher ground. There might be a tsunami coming.

Know the emergency numbers of the agencies ready to assist:

Philippine Coast Guard – (02) 5278481 (or the numbers of the local stations in the provinces)

Red Cross – (02) 7902300

National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Center – (02) 9111406

Going to the beach is fun. But accidents can ruin that fun if you do not exercise caution. Always keep in mind safety always comes first to ensure a hassle-free and accident free time at the beach.

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