Is it safe to wear heels while pregnant?


Photo from Belly Itch Blog
Photo from Belly Itch Blog

To wear or not to wear heels is the big question while you are expecting. Is it safe to wear heels during pregnancy? If you are used to wearing high heels on a regular basis, you may find it extremely tough to let go of your ‘tall statement’ when you are pregnant.

There’s no black and white rule when it comes to this fashion option and the baby bump. If a mom is used to walking around in high heels, then walking around in her favorite shoes during pregnancy doesn’t really make much of a difference.

Many women do wear heels through their nine months, but doctors strictly advice against doing so and with some good reason too! There are many reasons why you should give your heels some rest during pregnancy, as they might be a discomfort and come with certain risks.

Fashionable mommies must remember though, that as the baby bump gets bigger, the baby’s center of gravity shifts. So while expert high-heel wearers may have no trouble strutting in their high shoes, moms-to-be who are not used to the heights are better off-using low heels or flats. Not only are these more comfortable, but they also come in different designs to suit your outfit or any occasion—it’s a matter of choosing what is most appropriate!

During pregnancy, some moms may experience edema, so their feet and ankles get bigger! In such cases, it is really much better to wear comfortable shoes – you may have to buy a pair of flats in a bigger size for the office if none of your regular shoes fit anymore. Slippers are still best worn just at home (or at the beach).

If you really must wear high heels, choose a pair with a wide base of the heel (they provide less chances of you twisting your ankles), and watch carefully where you step. Finally, make sure your footwear, whether high-heeled or not, is comfortable! Forget what people say about fashion having to be painful – the truth is, anyone who truly looked “blooming” is someone healthy, happy and at ease with herself. So, stay happy, take care of yourself, and be perfectly comfortable walking through your nine-month journey.


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