Rogue September 2017: Sex, Style, and Scandals

IZA CALZADO, MAI MAI COJUANGCO, and ISABELLA MONTANO cover the September issue, each reflecting on loving life, growing up, and finding home—as Rogue goes for broke in an issue shot entirely at the only place that could house such ambition: the Peninsula Manila.

HOMECOMING KING: Jerome Gomez checks in with Mike de Leon before the release of the director’s comeback film, Citizen Jake—while stars Atom Araullo and Max Collins demystify what it’s like to work with the legendary auteur.

TALK OF THE TOWN: A collection of defining moments, personal testimonials, and whispered rumors that affirm the Peninsula Manila’s continuing legacy as the crown jewel of Philippine high society.

THE OLD GUARD: Claire Jiao speaks to Finance Secretary Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez about the stalwart politician’s storied career, his role in spearheading the President’s election campaign, and the ongoing battle for passing a controversial tax reform bill.

URBAN LEGEND: An excerpt from the anti-memoir ProBernal AntiBio, the unorthodox tribute to director Ishamel Bernal, as he is remembered by friends and colleagues 25 years after his death.

PLUS: An all-star interdisciplinary panel on the art of storytelling; Old Manila’s first Filipino chef de cuisine rolling up his sleeves at the enduring restaurant; and Marc Gaba’s reinterpretation of Jesus Christ as fashion icon.

Photography by Ralph Mendoza

Styled by Pam Quiñones

Makeup by Anthea Bueno using Laura Mercier

Hair by Suyen Salazar

Stylist Assisted by Leanne Ledesma, Alvin Navarro

Makeup Assisted by Luisa Jardinero

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