Rise to a healthier body with Wall Climbing


During the holiday season, most of us  have all gained extra pounds due to eating our way through countless delicious feasts during parties. With so many dishes in sight, such extra pounds is inevitable. If you dread going to the gym but would like to regain that sexy figure back, there’s actually more fun option for you to do which you can try–wall climbing!

In addition to not being able to slip into your jogging pants and dry fit shirt, here are a few good reasons why you should give wall climbing a shot:

You will learn an important survival skill


Wall climbing is not just an engaging activity that will help you sweat out all those pesky pounds from eating last holiday season. It’s also a perfectly good training ground for actual outdoor rock climbing. Since hiking is becoming a trend among travelers nowadays, learning from the activity gives you the proper survival skills should you find yourself exploring the terrains of an unfamiliar mountain peak.

Usually, wall climbing venues have plenty of room for aspiring mountaineers to practice. Aside from the main wall, you may choose to grab onto any climbing hold to push yourself upwards, or you can challenge yourself by following the designated routes. Following the French grading system for route difficult, you can start climbing the easiest route and move up on the hardest once you’re ready for it.

It teaches you to conquer your fears

Most of us are scared of heights, but wall climbing is one of the many  ways you can conquer that fear. Walking into a wall climbing gym allows you to gaze at all the towering walls. It may seem intimidating at first, but as you start your ascent, your fear will start to melt away and will be replaced with adrenaline rush. What’s more, you’ll be safe at the hands of trained staff. A safety briefing will be conducted for first-timers, including how to wear your climbing gear, how to attach your rope, and how to rappel down.

It builds trust among friends

Wall climbing is one of those activities best enjoyed with your BFF in tow. Climbers, who choose to ascend with a rope, need someone to belay them, and who better to trust your life with than your best buddy, right? Your BFF is responsible for giving you some (rope) slack and for guiding you when you want to go back down. Another advantage of having your pal around during wall climbing is someone can take your photo to document the said experience. The walls at wall climbing gyms are made up of colorful and instagrammable ones.

But for those who would want to go solo, wall climbing gyms usually have a staff who helps you with auto-belay ropes so you won’t need someone to assist you.

So what are you waiting for? Try wall climbing and work on getting that figure you’ve always wanted while bonding with your best pal!

Vance Madrid

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