RFID: Why do we need It?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is fast becoming a necessity among the public, especially motorists. According to columnist and motoring pundit James Deakin, this will make the E-Pass obsolete in time.

Although there has been some resistance to the introduction of RFID, citing invasion of privacy, majority are now favoring RFID and for valid reasons because they find it better than the old system.

More Reliable

The RFID tag looks like a sticker but it contains microchips that is placed on the car’s windshield. What makes it better than the E-Pass is it does not require batteries. It is permanent and cannot be removed to be transferred to other vehicles. RFID automates tolling charges and makes it less of a hassle to give change especially if motorists could not provide the exact amount. This is sometimes the reason why queues at tollways are long or take time. With RFID, the flow should be smoother.

Vehicle Identification and Tracking

Perhaps the most obvious reason  is tagging vehicles for identification purposes. It is not only beneficial to tollways, but also for car rental agencies and dealerships. All that is needed is to pull up the database or records by looking up its RFID. This is especially true if they have identical vehicles.

This is also useful to the police when tracking stolen vehicles since all that is needed is to trace the RFID. Companies also stand to benefit from it because it allows them to track their service vehicles such as delivery trucks to ensure they bring the goods where they should go.

Access Control

In some countries, there is also the need for access control and security in some establishments like parking lots. It allows them to monitor vehicles coming in. They can keep unauthorized vehicles out not only because they may be suspicious but is also keeps them from taking space needed more by employees and tenants. Many hope to see this implemented soon in the Philippines in the long run.

To know how to get an RFID tag, go to this link.

In conclusion, the pros outweigh the cons to RFID. Many see it as a necessity rather than a risk. It is more convenient and more reliable. As of now, tollways benefit from it and it is hoped soon, other establishments will subscribe to it when they see how useful it will be to their business.

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