Reunions are fun when you #WearYourFeelings

Holidays are always meant for spending time with family and friends. It’s also the best time for school reunions because most people who live or work abroad and far away from your hometown can have a chance to attend one because they  go back home to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Day with their relatives.

It is inevitable so to speak that you and your classmates grew up in different backgrounds and underwent different circumstances as years passed. Each of you did your best to fulfill your dreams and aspirations, walked in different paths, and worked with all your might to be called successful in your own right.

Many if not most of you have that special place in your memories that still lingers and longs for those past moments when once upon a time you were young, crazy, irrational, and sentimental. Reunions have a way of creating a moment that enables you to rekindle those memories and look at them in a different perspective and finally put closure to past issues and be thankful for the gift of friendship.

In line with this, Linya-Linya, a local brand of statement shirts and knick-knacks, can aid in rekindling those memories as you #WearYourFeelings when you decide to face your classmates that you haven’t seen for a long time.

To Sea is to Believe

Linya-Linya, Reuniuon, Statement Shirt, Fun, #WearYourFeelings

Filters are every selfie addicts best friend. The reunion is the best time to see to believe.

On Time? Darating Din Tayo Dyan

On Time--- Linya-Linya

You’re always late and you never changed at all. It’s okay to be defensive. It’s reunion time. They will understand.

Tumaba? Pumayat Lang Kayong Lahat!


This is for your classmates who are not prudent enough to blurt out how they think about your weight gain.

Weight Loss, Wait Lang

Weight Loss, Wait lang---Linya-Linya on Shopify

Show them that you are happy with your body but you are hoping that someday you can go back in shape.

Over My Dad Body

Over My Dad Body--- Linya-Linya

Daddy, you know for sure that your classmates are going to be surprised of your new look. Wear this shirt to avoid hearing questions like, “Why are you so fat?” or “What happened to you?” The shirt can speak for you.

Kalma May Karma

Kalma Lang, May Karma--- Linya-Linya

Old jokes may be hurtful to others. You hope that everyone already outgrew old issues. But what if others have old wounds that haven’t healed at all? You are already old for those petty things, right?

Choose Your Bottles

Choose Your Bottles--- Linya-Linya

Just focus on the good memories and avoid talking about memories that burned bridges in the past.


Kebs- Linya-Linya on Twitter

Some classmates matured. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t. Kebs lang! What is important is you are together as one and having a great time!

Nag-Go Lang Ako Sa Kanya Nung LuMet-Go Ka.

let-go--- Linya-Linya

This is definitely a funny hugot for a classmate ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who broke your heart. Are you brave enough to wear this?

Two Bottles Only

Two Bottles Lang--- Linya-Linya

This reminds your classmates to refrain from drinking too much alcohol for their own safety.

Reunions are meant to be blissful. Always keep and reminisce good memories. Good vibes only!

By the way, these shirts are available in different Linya-Linya branches nationwide and online. You may visit Linya-Linya on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube for more details and updates.

*Featured photos courtesy of Linya-Linya


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