How to respond well  to mean girls?

Your little girl went home from school crying.  Or worst, she told you she doesn’t want to go to school anymore.  When you probe a little more, you learned there are some ruthless girls teasing your daughter.

How to respond well  to mean girls?
How to respond well  to mean girls?

Such mean girls love to tear down some fragile-looking ladies, just because they are jealous of them.  They see them to be prettier,  smarter, and richer and they just can’t handle it.   Instead of being happy for them and befriending them, these mean girls send evil glares in their direction.

How to help your little darling respond well to mean girls? gives us a few pointers.

Be kind

No matter how cruel those mean girls treat your kid,  suggest to your darling to never drop down to their level.  Doing so will only excite them more.  Instead, be kind in return.  Your little one can’t control their mean attitude but she can control hers.

Talk privately

Ask your daughter if she can talk to the girls.  The latter might have issues your child may not be aware of.   Reassure your youngster that there are instances that things work out when you let the other person know you want to make peace.   But also alarm her that sometimes, mean girls just want to be hateful for unreasonable demands.

Don’t pursue

If your daughter already talked to the group and they are still nasty toward her, tell her to move on and don’t pursue.  Sometimes, the best way to address a situation is to keep mum.  Relate to her the story of Merlin and the Lady of the lake.

When we are forgotten, we cease to exist

Advise your girl to act naturally as if the mean girls aren’t doing any bad.  Act cordial and polite.  Sometimes, when you don’t give much attention to people, they stop seeking attention.

Tell an adult

It is important that your daughter knows whom to run to just in case things get worse.  If the mean girls become physical already, remind your child to tell you.   It is time to discuss the matter with the parents already.

How to respond well  to mean girls?
How to respond well  to mean girls?

If the parents act wicked, then you are safe to conclude the mean girls are acting like their moms.  Guide your child to stay away from them as much as possible.  Often, nasty girls stop bothering others when they don’t have an active audience.

Focus on the positive

Stress to your child not to let any unpleasant things ruin her day.  As much as possible,  focus on something she has the power to control instead.  Putting extra effort in her studies, for instance, or some extra curricular activities in school are nice options. Let her find a healthy way to divert her attention to.

Tell your girl, too, that if possible, always be with her friends.  Sometimes, mean girls are afraid of numbers.  When they see their target surrounded by individuals they can’t manage to manipulate, they step back.  Also, always remind her you are there to listen should she needs an ear or even a shoulder.

Respond well  to mean girls

We can’t control everything.  Sometimes, there are nasty individuals who rejoice in making fun of others.  They particularly love an audience to flaunt their mischievous antics.

If your little darling confides to you there are mean girls annoying her, help by telling her to respond with kindness and understanding.  But if it becomes physical and your daughter is too emotionally stressed already, you may talk with the parents of the mean girls.

How to respond well  to mean girls?
How to respond well  to mean girls?

Remember, giving help to your child isn’t a sign of helicopter parenting.  It is being there for your youngster.  Above everything else, it may perhaps be the most opportune time to show to your child that you are always there for her.

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