Reign Supreme with the Zenfone Max Plus

Life can get busy and before you know it, you’re down to the last few minutes before your phone runs out of battery. Lucky for you, the new ZenFone Max Plus is here to save your day – or days, rather – what with its power-efficient and long-lasting battery life!


If you’re the type who’s constantly on-the-go, whether it’s because you’re a bona fide workaholic, or the ‘work hard, party harder’ type of person, it’s a huge inconvenience when your phone’s battery runs out; especially when you need it the most (which for you, I’m sure is 90% of the time). This particular scenario, without a doubt, can be a huge factor that hinders you from not only conquering feats, but also winning at life.

Luckily, with ASUS’ newest ZenFone Max Plus, you won’t have to worry about that 19% battery warning anymore! With another Battery King fresh from the long heritage of ASUS ZenFone Max battery royals, you’re sure to rule your days without a hitch!

Here are some surefire ways to get through your daily grind with the ZenFone Max Plus:


Let your commuting be less painstaking with your handy ZenFone Max Plus in hand! EDSA traffic won’t seem so bad with an 18:9 Full View Full High Definition+ (FHD+) display that shows the wider and clearer view. YouTube and even your favorite mobile game are as good as real-life, and you’ll never have to be bored ever again!


Of course, being a Battery King as well, the ZenFone Max Plus also sports a signature huge battery life that’s unique to every ZenFone Max smartphone there is. Don’t worry though, it isn’t as bulky as you think! The ZenFone Max Plus’ features were carefully built to fit into an 8.8 mm sleek metallic body of premium finish – fitting perfectly in your hand and your swag as you proceed with your daily activities.

With the ZenFone Max Plus, you have the freedom to claim that the world is at the palm of your hands.


As a battery royal of its own, the ZenFone Max Plus carries an enormous 4130 mAh which can last you 26 days, at least on the standby. Plus, in the event that you are in dire need of charging but you’re also in the middle of a socket-less situation, such as meetings in full cafés or those bars that won’t let you charge-up, you can turn quickly to your ASUS PowerMaster™! This one-of-a-kind technology allows you to slide into Super Saving Mode, which keeps your phone alive until you can charge again.

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Remember that every royal has its loyal servant, and the ASUS PowerMaster™ is yours. With this renowned app, together with your equally as renowned ZenFone Max Plus, you’re sure to enjoy all the battery life you can muster wherever and whenever.


It’s always a great idea for any phone to turn off unused features since this stops quick battery drainage. However, the go-getter that you are, shutting down each and every app is too time consuming; especially when every single second spent away from your goal is a second wasted.


Lucky for you, the ZenFone Max Plus, like other ZenFones, sports the ASUS Mobile Manager. The ASUS Mobile Manager also has a special called “Super Boost”, which shuts down background apps and processes, promising that these do not consume resources in the background while you work. With this, there’s less time for you to worry and more time for you to grind.

If you’re curious to learn more about the ZenFone Max Plus as well as even more tips and tricks on battery saving, catch the return of the widely anticipated ZenTalk TV! It airs tonight, February 6, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. on the ASUS Philippines official Facebook page. Don’t forget to hit-up the ASUS ZenTalk Forum as well!

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