Red tide Alert

The coastal waters of Leyte in the province of Leyte is being closely monitored by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources  (BFAR) and Local Government Units (LGU) after it was declared positive for red tide toxin after a  series of test were done in the area.

This is based on the latest laboratory results performed by BFAR on shellfish collected in the above-mentioned sea water.

As a result, BFAR Director Eduardo Gongona advised the public specially those living in the affected areas to avoid eating fresh sea food that were caught via the contaminated seas.

A laboratory analyst examines extracts of shellfish gathered from coastal areas in Leyte.
A laboratory analyst examines extracts of shellfish gathered from coastal areas in Leyte.

Meanwhile, marine mammals such as mussels, claws, and clams that were caught in Daram Island, Cambatutay, Irong-Irong, Maqueda and Villareal Bays in Western Samar; Matarinao Bay in Eastern Samar; Carigara Bay in Leyte; Lianga Bay in Surigao del Sur; Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa City in Palawan; along with the coastal waters of Mandaon in Masbate; and coastal waters of Mariveles, Limay, Orion, Pilar, Balanga, Orani, Abucay and Samal in Bataan, still remain positive with paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) is one of the four recognized syndromes of shellfish poisoning, which share some common features and are primarily associated with bivalve mollusks (such as musselsclamsoysters and scallops). These shellfish are filter feeders and accumulate neurotoxins, chiefly saxitoxin, produced by microscopic algae, such as dinoflagellatesdiatoms, and cyanobacteria.

Except for shellfish, other catch such as fish, shrimps and crabs can be eaten but only if you clean it thoroughly before cooking. Experts also suggest to avoid eating it raw.

The public is also advised to be more cautious in buying these kinds of sea food and  to not hesitate to ask where it was caught to avoid getting poisoined. Red tide poisoning have been recorded in some provinces in the country over the years.

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