There is Gold in Recycling at the Los Baños Horticulture Show 2017

“There is Gold in Recycling” is the theme at the ongoing Los Baños Horticulture Show 2017, the first of the two shows. The next garden show is slated later part of the year.

Old packaging, used tires, broken electronics, plastics if properly recycled is like gold. The annual show also coincided with Earth Day. Earth Day is a worldwide event which celebrates the planet’s environment and raises public awareness about pollution and the urgent need reduce pollution.

2nd place landscape winner

The use of old tires painted in gold color highlighted the importance of using old car tires. The new varieties of bougainvilleas, aglaonemas and ornamental plants highlighted this landscape exhibit.

community booth
community booth

The community booth features several cacti and succulents exhibited by members of the organization, mostly backyard and garden enthusiasts.


This landscape exhibit booth showcased a carefully planned and manicured garden with lots of blooming sunflowers, sanggumays (Dendrobium anosmum) variegated ornamental plants such as heliconias, flowering orchids with a small water fountain at the center.

Tires were carefully placed within the landscape area which doubles as an accent, tire planter, divider and hedge.


Old plastic tanks were used for planting herbs, soft drink bottles and plastic water gallon were also used for planting vegetables and ornamental plants. There were also lowland strawberries for sale.

Landscape using old tires creating plant tires ,garden set and garden accent ( minion )
Landscape using old tires creating plant tires ,garden set and garden accent ( minion )

This is a landscape done by Mr. Joseph Salacup a board member of the society using old tires and both accent and planting accessories. ( photo courtesy: Mr. Joseph Salacup )

Aside from these beautiful landscapes, There are individual plant competition, trade fair of local products,plant bazaars and lectures from the garden experts.

One can also take a quick stroll on the University of the Philippines campus and admire the mature trees, flowering plants, old buildings and take a food trip.

Schedule of Lecture: APRIL 29 (Saturday) at 2:00 PM
TOPIC: Care of Cactus and Succulents for Beginners
and Advanced Collectors
SPEAKER: Mr. Lino Rom — President, Cactus and Succulents Society of the Philippines, Inc.

The show is until May 1, 2017 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and There are minimal entrance fees of Php 20 for the general public and Php15 for students and senior citizens with valid ID’s.

Special Thanks : Photos are courtesy of Mr. Jose Diego Roxas, a University of the Philippines- Los Baños Agricultural Biotechnology an incoming 3rd year student, stamp and plant enthusiast.

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