Reasons why you need to visit The Zen Institute

A lot of us feel stressed in our daily life. Sometimes, when things go really bad, we even feel ugly and that is never a good thing. We tend to overeat due to stress and then we feel even more horrible because now, in addition to feeling ugly, we also feel fat.

This is where places like The Zen Institute come in. A medical spa that offers a program called “My Journey to Ultimate Wellness,” The Zen Institute not only offers treatments to help you age gracefully, it also offers treatments that is meant to make you look good and feel good. After all, no amount of looking good will matter if you don’t feel good about yourself.

The “My Journey to Ultimate Wellness” is a breakthrough protocol in anti-aging and longevity developed by The Zen Institute Medical Director Dr. MJ Torres because she wanted to share with everyone the possibility of living a long, happy, healthy and productive life that can be attained with this program.


The Zen Institute has been known as the pioneer in non-invasive aesthetic procedure. What differentiates this medical spa from others is that they push for beauty but only as a result of wellness which explains their tagline “The Art of Beauty Perfected from Within.” Dr. MJ believes that beauty should start from within since there are no quick fixes when it comes to beauty. After all, achieving real beauty is an art and a journey that involves self-improvement through evidence based therapy and commitment to healthy living.


The programs under the My Journey to Ultimate Wellness are available at The Zen Institute.  If you want to feel good, look good, and just have a more positive outlook in life, indulge yourself at The Zen Institut.

For more information, you can call 0917.532.8983 and look for Veronica or 0917.521.3159 and look for Rhona. They are located in Batangas, Binondo, BGC, and Quezon City.

Kathy Kenny


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