Reasons why the Filipina should use a Tampon

“Virgins cannot use tampons!”

This is probably one of the most used reasons as to why most Filipina women would choose to use a sanitary pad over a tampon. After all, tampons were never a thing here in the Philippines and the only time that we even saw it was on American television or in the movies. However, Ladouce tampons are here to change the way we think and see tampons.


Ladouce tampons are made of body friendly, high absorbent natural materials. The cylindrical form follows perfectly your personal body shapes. Ladouce tampons are designed to be easily worn into the vagina during the periodical menstruation to fulfill it’s aim of absorbing female menstrual flow.

There are 3 types of Ladouce tampons. The Mini is best for very light to light menstrual flow. It absorbs 6 – 9 grams of menstrual blood. It is best for the first time tampon user. Ladouce tampons are designed to prevent menstrual leaking.
Ladouce tampons lock the fluid into the tampon core and provide
6-8 hours protection.

The second kind is the Normal. It is best for moderate menstrual flow. It absorbs 9-12 grams of menstrual blood. The third kind is Super. It is best for heavy menstrual flow. It absorbs 12-15 grams of menstrual blood.

We actually tried this out ourselves and though the initial try felt weird, it only took a few minutes for our body to adjust to the feel of the tampon. What makes it better is that it really does give you a sense of freedom to move around. With a sanitary pad, there is always that feeling of being encroached. With a tampon, there is none of that.

You can also be assured that leaks are lesser with tampons because there is no way for it to just spill out unless you forget to change which can happen because you won’t even feel that it is there. When you laugh hard even when you have your period, you won’t need to worry about the surge because it will all be absorbed instantly and won’t spill at all.


This is what a tampon looks like. You need to insert the tube like device inside and leave the string outside since this is the one you will use to pull it out. There is absolutely no need to worry about “losing” the tampon inside because it’s an urban legend.


We are still a long way to go from having the Filipina use tampons but with brands like Ladouce willing to teach Filipinas why tampons are the way to go, we can be sure that in time, tampons will surely have the same reputation and usage that sanitary napkins have.

Kathy Kenny


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