PSST Watchlist: 2017 Horror Movies to Watch Out For

The new year has a lot in store for fans of horror movies. Us bloodcurdling addicts always look forward to our favorite frightener’s comeback. In addition, we are always on the lookout for something bloody fresh to be terrified about. Here are some of the 2017 horror movies we are screaming for this year!


Since 2009, it was announced that an adaptation of this famed book from Stephen King was in the works. We’ve been through the full range of excitements waiting for our beloved Pennywise to finally come to the big screen. Finally, New Line Cinema announced that Bill Skarsgård plays Pennywise the Clown. The photo above is the full costume revealed from the production. No trailer has been released yet which keeps us all at the edge of our seats. Dear Pennywise, we are excited to meet you! It is coming to the big screen (finally) on September.


The 1990 film with the same name is getting a sequel! Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, stars alongside Kiefer Sutherland who reprises his role from the original film. Medical students dabbling with what lies beyond death and the dark aftereffects that come with it. Thrilling, right? Flatliners is set to be released on September 2017. Here’s what we have so far about the follow-up.


A Netflix original film is also debuting this year. Clinical is about a psychiatrist trying to repair her life following a violent attack by a patient from the past. Confronted by her past fears as she helps patch-up the life of a new patient, Dr. Mathis brushes with nightmares. Clinical is coming to us this January 13.

A Cure for Wellness

Pirates of the Carribean and The Ring’s Gore Verbinski brings back creepy with Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth, and Jason Isaacs. A Cure for Wellness follows an executive set to fetch his company’s CEO from a restful but shadowy wellness center. Soon, he finds that this spa is not what it seems. Get ready because A Cure for Wellness will be out in the theaters on February 17!

Cage Dive

First of all, what is a horror list without shark movies? Secondly, it’s sharks! Cage Dive centers on three friends shooting a tryout tape for a reality show as they participate in shark cage diving. The horror begins as they find themselves lost in shark-ridden waters, turning their recording into a terrifying turn of events. No exact date for the release yet, but Cage Dive is coming to terrify us this 2017!


James McAvoy puts his touch to this latest M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller. Premiering January 20, Anya Taylor-Joy stars in this horrific flick about three girls abducted by a person with 24 personalities. Split is sure to bring a different kind of fear to us this 2017.

The Bye Bye Man

The first Friday the 13th, no not the movie but the date, falls in January. So, it is only fitting to have a horror movie released with the superstitious date. “Don’t say it. Don’t think it.” The Bye Bye Man is about three friends coming across the horrendous origins of a mysterious figure believed to be the root of the evil behind a person’s awful actions.


This February, our favorite urban legend returns to the big screen. Samara, aka Sadako from the original Japanese installment returns to haunt Julia who sacrifices herself in place of her boyfriend. She then makes a disturbing discovery of the “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before. Seems like Rings is set to offer new twists to the story we’ve come to know.

Saw: Legacy

The eighth installment in the Saw Franchise is also coming this year. Targeted to be released on October 27, Saw: Legacy’s story line is still unknown. All we know is that it will be directed by The Spierig Brothers, the award-winning duo behind Daybreakers.

Insidious 4

The fourth chapter of the Insidious line is also set to visit us again this October. There are different possibilities for the story of Insidious. Maybe, it would pick up where Insidious 2 left off. One thing’s for sure: Us horror fans are electrified for another insidious scaring!

There are other 2017 horror movies to look forward to. There’s the supposed comeback of Jeeper’s Creepers, another shark movie lurking, and a reboot of Friday the 13th. Most of all, we look forward to the new actors’ spin on the favored roles. Here’s to more scares this year! What are the other 2017 horror movies do you look forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments!

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