PSST Pets: Dog Grooming Tips for A Happy, Healthy Pup

No doubt having a smelly dog cavorting around the house is none too pleasant. Keeping your furry pal fresh and clean is about much more than just looking good and smelling great. It’s about maintaining your dog’s health, too! Here are some dog grooming tips on bathing, brushing, nail trimming, and haircuts.

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Like us, dogs need baths. Unlike us, dogs don’t need daily baths. A dog’s breed and the place it lives and plays in mainly dictates the ideal schedule of bathing. Basically, once a month washing is ideal. Some experts advise that you do not bathe your dog more than once weekly. Do not use human bath soap on dogs when giving it a bath. Use a shampoo that is made specially for dogs. For a step-by-step guide on how to bathe your dog, click here.

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Most dogs love getting brushed. Brushing prevents skin irritation by removing dull hair from your dog’s coat before it mats. It also allows for controlled shedding. (On the brush and not all over the house!) Brushing your dog’s coat can be as often as you feel is necessary. Just remember that the longer the dog’s hair, the more frequent it needs to be brushed. Always brush outwards. Start from the skin. Spritzing the dog’s coat with grooming spray will help the brush glide smoothly through catches and mats.

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Nail Care

Regular nail trimming is a must for dogs. Like bathing, it could be as often as weekly and as seldom as monthly. Although nail trimming may be terrifying both for the dog and the owner. The best place to start is asking a professional groomer to train you the proper techniques of dog nail trimming. Getting a dog accustomed to nail trimming while young is always a good idea. Never cut into the nail quick of your dog. This is often the reason a dog fears nail trimming. Do not use your toenail clippers. There are specially designed dog nail clippers for this process. Of course, if you’re uncertain, there is no shame in having the job done by a skilled professional.

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Hair Cutting

Most dog owners choose to leave haircuts to professional dog groomers. It’s a task that requires some skill and experience to do correctly. Naturally, with some effort and familiarity, you could become an expert in cutting your dog’s hair.

Here are a few tips: Bathe your dog first. Towel dry and brush. Use sharp scissors for hair around the face and feet. Use electric clippers for cutting the bulk of hair on the dog’s body. Make sure both the blades are sharp on the scissors and the electric clippers. Blunt blades are unsafe. Pick a noiseless, secluded place for clipping your dog’s hair. A busy place might cause panic to your dog and this may be dangerous for both you and your pet. For overall instructions when and how to trim your pet’s hair, refer to your vet or a professional groomer. It differs with each breed of dogs.

Nothing makes a dog owner happier than keeping your pooch looking good and smelling great! After all, a clean dog is a healthy dog and a healthy dog makes a happy owner. What are other dog grooming tips you know? Let us know in the comments below!

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