How to Properly Conceal Your Acne


Have you ever been called a “pizza face’? Having acne-prone skin cane sometimes be a pain as it affects your confidence. But let’s be positive about pimples. Your zits can actually help you to become skilled with makeup. You’d be surprised that pretty soon, you’ll be perfecting the art of concealing your pimples. Still a newbie at hiding acne breakouts?Fret not. We’re here to help you. These are some new techniques from makeup artists on how to cover every type of breakout.

When it’s a whitehead

Always start with a clean, dry face. It’s really important that your concealer has a dry, thickish consistency — almost like a putty. The wetter and more slippery a concealer it is, the harder it is for it to adhere to that mound/bubble. This kind of concealer is usually going to be found in a pot or tube, not in a wand — that type is too thin. Once you’ve found your spackle, use a small brush, like a precision eyeliner brush, to cover both the whitehead and the red, inflamed area surrounding it. “Be as targeted as possible. You could even use a magnifying mirror,” says Faith Castro, an expert makeup artist. You don’t want to cover any of the good skin around the pimple or you’ll create a ‘look at my zit’ bulls-eye. After application, give the zit a gentle pat with a finger so it doesn’t look tall. Translucent powder can make a whitehead look shiny and white; instead set your concealer with a fluffy brush dipped in a powder foundation that matches your skin tone.

When it is a cystic breakout

To best hide these swollen, headless monsters, you need to start with a compress — icy or warm — depending on what feels best on your skin. An ice cube feels good, soothing the soreness, and a face cloth doused with warm (but not hot) water will kill bacteria; both can reduce the inflammation and size of a lesion. You don’t have to completely cover it up because you’re never going to completely hide it. Heavy coverage will make it look worse — bigger. You just want to lessen the obviousness by matching your skin tone as best you can. When in doubt: Do a smoky eye and no one will be looking at your zit.

When it’s a flaky dried out mess

Thanks to the overzealous use of acne meds, your blemish now looks like it has dandruff — double gross. The first step should be to hydrate your skin right away, with a small amount of moisturizer. Soak flaky blemishes with a warm, wet washcloth and then using a tweezer (sterilized with alcohol), working it around the zit, gently pulling and trimming. Don’t reach for the concealer just yet: In order to make your skin look as fresh as possible, you want to keep the area hydrated with an oil-free moisturizer. You also can use a hydrating mist that has essential oils to make your skin look dewy or as Koreans put it, sok-gwangor chok chok–that dewy bouncy fresh-as-a-daisy skin glow.Both products will prep your skin before your regular concealing routine.

When it’s a blackhead 

First, put a liquid foundation or cream foundation, then if you need extra coverage,dab on a similarly colored concealer, patting it so that it blends, then top it off with a dusting of powder foundation. If they are still peeking through,  hit them with more concealer using a precision eyeliner brush. The key to covering any zit is patience

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