Preparing kids for family reunions

Most families are now enjoying school break.   Some book for out-of-town trips while others for out-of-the-country vacations.  There are parents, too, who enroll their kids in summer enrichment programs and in between, attend family gatherings.   After all,  family reunions are opportunities to catch up with seldom-seen relatives.

Preparing kids for family reunions
Preparing kids for family reunions

However, it is also during get-togethers that some youngsters, especially the teens, would prefer to stay in the room until the party is over.  How can a parent prepare his easily bored kid for family reunions? enumerates a few tips to help both children and parents enjoy the get-together.

Create a picture of a fun family reunion

Create a picture to your kid’s mind that family reunions are fun, exciting, and something to look forward to.  It is the time to meet his cousins and play with them.  It is also the time to meet with aunts and uncles who may be too generous to give gifts. It wouldn’t hurt as well to elaborate that get-togethers are expected to happen at least once a year.  Everyone is supposed to mingle and enjoy each other’s company.

Proper orientation

If the gathering is at a relative’s place, talk to your child about your expectations. Encourage him as well to share his hope for the meetup.  Orient him how you imagine him to behave and then come up with an agreement.

Remind about house rules

If the celebration is at a relative’s house, it is best for a child to know how to respect space and house rules.  Every place has its own rules just like how one behaves in churches, parks, and cinemas.

To be safe, orient your youngster to stay in common areas like the den or living room.  Bedrooms are private spaces unless the owner himself invited him in.

Bring favorite toys

Before leaving the house, check with your little one if it is fine with him to bring his favorite toy.  That toy may help him cope up with his boredom if there are few kids in attendance.  Or that same toy is something he can share with his cousins.  Either way, bringing his favorite toy in family reunions seems advantageous.  It can also keep him entertained while on the road.

Preparing kids for family reunions

Preparing kids for family reunions
Preparing kids for family reunions

Getting along with cousins is one of the best promises of family reunions.  It makes get-togethers something everyone looks forward to.   It gives parents peace of mind, too, to have their kids befriend their cousins than other youngsters.

Make the experience of family gatherings special to your kids.  Lay down your expectation and hear their thoughts as well.  Introduce to them the importance of family and how get-togethers can help achieve a solid relationship.  Make them understand, too, that family provides love, support, and some of the most beautiful memories of their life.

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