Preparing for (JS) Prom Night

Prom Night is probably one of the most important events you will experience in your lifetime. For some, this is considered a rite of passage; this would probably the first time boys would initiate a relationship with a girl, especially by asking her to dance. Here are tips on how to prepare for Prom Night.

First of all, prom night is voluntary. It is up to you whether you want to attend or not. Declining should eliminate any pressure of preparation. For those who refuse to attend, they accept the consequences of missing out a rather important event but they know they still have chances of dating in the future. For those who are going, get ready for the next step.


Even if you will be going out with your significant other, you are still expected to look your best. Understand that JS Prom is a formal affair so you have to dress appropriately for the event.

For guys, its either shirt and tie (coat is optional) or Barong Tagalog, slacks and leather shoes. For girls, evening gowns. When in doubt, dress conservatively. Avoid wearing revealing attire or that “dressed to kill” look.

A corsage adds a nice touch to the attire.


Everyone is expected to observe good grooming at the JS Prom. Guys should comb and style their hair properly. If necessary, use gel or pomade.

For the girls, the most obvious thing is to head for the salon and have your hair styled. Be sure you know what you want before you instruct the stylist or beautician. Do not be tentative.


Everyone is expected to be on their best behavior during Prom night; none of the usual rowdiness. Avoid being boisterous when seated and show good manners when food is served. There is plenty for everyone and no need for jostling and shoving.

prom dance
The dance, one of the highlights of a JS Prom. Observe proper decorum. C: Maria Janine Juachon

Then comes the part some guys half-dread, asking a girl to dance. Let’s face it, you may get rejected and when it happens, remain calm and move on. Do not force the issue.

For the girls, if you have to turn down a guy for whatever reason, do it politely. Do not be rude that you will humiliate him.

During the slow dance, keep a conservative distance between each other to be on the safe side. If you are a couple, it is all right to hold each other close but avoid being frisky (you are in a crowd and there are people watching).

In western countries, Prom Night is sometimes that time when guys take this opportunity to “go all the way.” Just because they can do it there does not mean you can do the same here. Think about the consequences in exchange for that one night of intimacy. There is an old joke that the two of you go out and when you come back, you are now three. It may be funny but the implications are serious, especially for girls. The bottom line is if you cannot afford the consequences, do not do it!

JS Prom Night may be an important moment in the life of the teen but this will not be the last. As you get older, you will see what it has taught you (how to behave and carry yourself) and how you relate to others. The date you had then may not be the same later on (good for you if you still remain together). Make your JS Prom memorable but do not get carried away.

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