Pre-Prom Checklist: Are you ready for the Prom?


Tomorrow is the ‘BIG’ night. Prom might only be a one-night affair, but the amount of beauty decisions that go into the evening are aplenty. After you’ve said yes to that prom night dress (or before, if you have a strong beauty inspiration!) you’ve got to decide on the hairstyle, what makeup look you’ll be wearing, the manicure that will decorate your nails, and if you think picture time is even more entertaining than the dance floor, your go-to poses. To help prep you for the affair, we put together a list of things to make you look your best. Check out our list first.


  1. Bring a picture of the back of your dress to the salon so that your hairstylist can help you decide what ‘do looks best.
  2. Put in your bobby pins with the rough side down so they don’t slip out of your updo.
  3. Wear a button-up shirt to your hair appointment so that you don’t mess up your hairstyle when you go to change.
  4. Try out a classic ballerina bun that will never go out of style, a la prima ballerina, Liza Macuja.
  5. Turn to YouTube for easy hair tutorials you can do yourself. It’ll save you some money for the rest of your prom budget!
  6. Try a messy, loose prom hairstyle for natural or boho feel. It’s less expected than the typical updo and no one will notice if it falls out a bit on the dance floor.
  7. Keep an umbrella in your car or a shower cap in your bag in case of an unexpected shower or bout of humidity.
  8. Use a flexible hairspray on your curls so they don’t look crunchy and dry.
  9. To keep curls bouncy, hairstylist Tony Galvez suggests “spot-spraying” as opposed to spraying your entire head. This consists of individually spraying one curl at a time.
  10. Braid your hair with a braid paste or work in a light styling serum so that your braid stays put and is more flexible during the braiding process—i.e it doesn’t slip out!
  11. Speaking of braids, you can totally rock this look on prom night. From fishtails to milkmaid braids, there’s tons of unique and pretty options.
  12.  If you’re looking to minimize the heat styling portion of getting rippling waves, sleep in a few braids the night before. Undo them about an hour before the event and lightly run a dry oil or a serum through your hair to get rid of any frizz.

Makeup, body and skin

  1. Apply lip liner to lessen the chance of your lipstick smearing onto your skin during the night.
  2. Further protect your lipstick by applying a primer or setting it with foundation before lining and filling in with pigment.
  3. Try a spray deodorant that applies dry and clear to avoid getting marks on your dress.
  4. Quickly absorb oils on your face with easy-to-pack blotting pads.
  5. Keep a perfume roller ball in your clutch for a quick and discrete perfume touch-up during the night.
  6. Get extra sleep, reduce stress, and make sure to practice exercise habits to reduce the redness in your face.
  7.  Store a few floss picks in your clutch in case something gets stuck in your teeth during dinner.
  8. Avoid drinking coffee or dark soda—teeth staining culprits—before taking pictures and opt for water instead.
  9. Match your nail color to your lip color for a not-so-obvious beauty look coordination.
  10. Pick red lipstick shades with blue undertones so your pearly whites pop in pictures.
  11. Go for liquid eyeliner as opposed to a pencil to lessen the chance of smudging.
  12. Make sure to apply sunscreen so you don’t get burnt outside while taking pictures!


Good luck and we hope you’ll enjoy your prom because it only happens once in your life!

Vance Madrid

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