The positive psychology of bucket List

Probably, we all have our bucket list.  These are the “I want to travel to Liverpool” or “have my picture taken on top of Mt. Fuji” kinds of dream.  For the kids, this is their “see a unicorn” or “meet Santa Claus” fantasy.

Iit may take hard work for any of these to come true.  Some may appear foolish and even wildly unattainable.  Nevertheless, creating such list opens up a world of possibilities.  It also means we are saying to the universe that it hasn’t had the last word yet.  It keeps us to push for our dreams and in a way, makes us productive, positive, and focused. details the positive effects of coming up with a bucket list.

The positive psychology of bucket List
The positive psychology of bucket List

Motivates to take action

With a clear goal, we are motivated to move forward.  Motivation is what pushes the head of the family to work doubly hard because he wrote on his bucket list to bring his family to Phuket, Thailand, for instance.  It is the same inspiration that naturally pushes us to make things happen and cross them off from our list.

Brings happiness

It is double or triple that feeling when we were able to finally relax because of a recent accomplishment.  Or it is that smile that we simply can’t take off our face because we are honestly happy.  Simply put, ticking something off that bucket list brings joy.  It is because of that triumphant feeling no amount of money could replace.

Builds self-esteem

It is given.  Any accomplishment gives us that feeling of pride. That gratification builds self-confidence because we were able to reach that goal.  Eventually, that delight increased life satisfaction.  It makes us bolder to grasp the higher star, getting the addictive feeling of success.

Makes excited each day

Having something to look forward to makes us excited for that day to finally arrive.  It gives meaning to sleepless nights or each early rise in the morning.   It gives a reason for those extra hours of work, all the more confirming that we can truly exert added effort for a goal.

The positive psychology of bucket List
The positive psychology of bucket List

Gives Focus

Having a bucket list creates focus.  It gives us that sense of direction, reminding us that we save up for this target.  It tells us no plan B or C because we are only focused on going to a certain destination.

This focus is what clears our direction, maintains that momentum, and reenergizes us should we feel a little low.

Inspires others

Our achievement becomes an inspiration to others.  They see our passion as inspiring, thus they follow our footsteps.

Our story may also create a legacy, too beautiful to retell to our grandchildren.  We will then become their inspiration, pushing them to create their own bucket list.

Leads to personal growth

Each achievement from our bucket list expands our knowledge, widens our reach, and increases our faith in ourselves.   We learn to discover new things and likewise realize our own strength.  This new discovery boost our morale and our understanding about our world.

 The positive psychology of a bucket list

The positive psychology of bucket List
The positive psychology of bucket List

A bucket list is a list of our aspirations that we want to fulfill before we die.  It is what motivates us to dream, work harder, and enjoy life to the fullest.  Often, it’s the new achievement and experiences that nourish our spirit, lead us to turn each aspiration to reality.

As we live life, adjust the list according to our current state.  We are free to edit it, alter even, and elaborate as we please.  After all, it is our list and our life.

So we at pushes you to turn those dreams into a bucket list, craft each item to achievement, and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Life is short. Start that bucket list now.

Berlin Domingo

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