PLAY at Okada Manila

Do you have a kid? Does your kid have boundless amounts of energy that you sometimes wish you could just bring the to a play area that is both interactive yet old school at the same time? Has your kid ever wanted for you to play with them but you can’t because the play area is meant only for children and you can’t fit inside?

Well, now you can.


PLAY at Okada Manila allows you to have fun with your children the old school way and the interactive way. With PLAY at Okada Manila, you can run around, slide your lungs out, go up and down the stairs, worm your way through obstacles, and not worry about getting stuck because they have play areas that are meant for kids and kids at heart so Mommy and Daddy can play with their little ones.

PLAY at Okada Manila goes beyond with a full line of dedicated learning programs aimed at enhancing the holistic development of children.

“PLAY stands for ‘Purposeful Learning and Activities for the Young.’ It is Okada Manila’s family-friendly indoor fun facility where child’s play is elevated to an engaging and enriching experience,” says Ivaylo Ivanov, Vice President for Hotel Operations.
PLAY’s management team is led by certified expert coaches and licensed teachers trained to provide guests the highest standard of care and fun learning.

The facility offers dedicated learning programs designed to address the developmental needs of children, which include: (1) Colors and Creations, An arts and crafts program designed to develop creativity and imagination by improving the use of fine motor skills through detailing, color coordination and artistic impression plus work behavior like sitting tolerance, focus and concentration; (2) Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, a program aimed at enhancing the child’s development as they explore the world around them. This also includes sessions for caregivers to stay updated and improve their communication, child-minding and domestic engineering skills, as well as one-on-one sessions for specific academic tutorial (e.g., math, science, and reading) and special needs therapy (i.e., occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy); (3) Music and Movement, which help harness and showcase the natural talent of kids through group sessions focused on dance, music, and the performing arts; and (4) Life Skills, where kids are trained on classes that focus on practical matters, such as social graces, good housekeeping, creative writing skills, anti-bullying, natural remedies, aromatherapy, and personal nutrition.

The facility, which can be accessed via the Coral Wing lobby of Okada Manila, can accommodate up to 300 guests at a given time. It will also have several other features, like child-friendly comfort rooms, an emergency response team composed of first-aid qualified PLAY coaches and marshals, a snack bar, a kiddie gift shop, and over 30 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to ensure that kids will have all the fun they want within a convenient, safe, and secure environment.

Visit Okada Manila’s official website at and take the first big step towards enjoying purposeful learning and activities for your young warriors at PLAY.


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