Places Filipinos Can Go Without a Visa

The Philippines is ranked #76 in terms of passport strength. This means Filipinos can go to 61 (out of 281) countries without the need to apply for a visa (that is if they are only visiting as tourists).


First up are our neighbors in Southeast Asia – Brunei (good for 14 days), Cambodia (15 days), Laos (30 days), Vietnam (21 days), Thailand (30 days), Myanmar (14 days), Malaysia (14 days), Singapore (30 days), Indonesia (30 days) and Timor Leste (30 days). This is a result of the agreement of reciprocity between members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) of which the Philippines is also a member.

For the rest of Asia, Filipinos can go to the following countries visa free (on certain conditions or limitations):

Azerbaijan (30 days), Georgia (90 days), India (30 days), Iran (15 days), Maldives (30 days), Nepal (90 days), Sri Lanka (30 days). For these countries, a visa will be issued upon arrival. No need to apply for a visa at their embassies in the Philippines.

Mongolia will not require a visa and it is good for 21 days. Although going to China will require a visa, the only places in the country where you can go visa-free is Macau (30 days) and Hong Kong (14 days). Although these countries are special administrative regions, they are still part of China.

For South Korea, the only place you can go visa-free is Jeju Island only. You can go to South Korea visa free provided you have visited the country four times previously with a visa issued by their embassy in the Philippines.

Taiwan – this will take effect in June. As of the moment, Filipinos can come to Taiwan without a visa provided they have been issued visas from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, European countries bound by the Schengen Treaty, the United Kingdom and the United States. Once implemented, the validity is up to 30 days.

North America

In North America, Filipinos can travel without a visa to Costa Rica (30 days), Dominica (21 days), Haiti (90 days), Saint Lucia (42 days), and the Turks and Caicos Islands (30 days). For Nicaragua (90 days) and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days), a visa will be issued upon arrival.

South America

For South America – Filipinos can travel visa-free to Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Suriname; good for 90 days. For Peru, you can stay up to 183 days.

Europe and Africa

In Europe, the only place where Filipinos can travel without a visa is Kosovo (30 days). In Africa, it is Burundi (30 days) and Cape Verde where a visa will be issued upon arrival.


In Oceania, countries that are visa free are Cook Islands (31 days), Fiji (120 days), Micronesia (30 days), Niue (30 days), Samoa (30 days), and Vanuatu (30 days). For Marshall Islands (30 days) and Palau (30 days), a visa will be issued upon arrival.

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Featured Image Source: Balinkbayan

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